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Headline Stories

Pyrmont People go watch the “Reluctant Fundamentalist” at Dendy Opera Quays

  Turned up to this flick last minute, at the Dendy in Circular Quay and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In 2013,  T’is time to finally to get a glimpses into the forgotten people, the people in whose lands,  the “War On Terror” is being actively prosecuted. Yes, it is just a movie never the less, it [...]

Julian Assange Seeks Asylum in Ecuador

On Tuesday the 19th June there was a new twist in the Julian Assange case. In an effort to avoid extradition to Sweden to face the charges around sexual assault he has sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. According to Assange there is more to the allegations emanating from Sweden than meets the [...]

What I Did For Love

A solo cabaret show called What I Did For Love, will be playing at El Rocco, Potts Point on May 10th and 11th. The show is written by and featuring Sydney actor Anne Wilson, who will be accompanied by musical director Steven Kramer on piano. Anne recently toured the show down to the Melbourne Fringe [...]

People & Places

  • Joanna Rogers: Urban Balcony Pyrmont
  • Wendy Irik – Head Coach, Sydney Tsunami Dragon Boat Club in Pyrmont
  • Wendy Shortland, Artist – Pyrmont Art Festival Entrant
  • Les Stubbs – Pyrmont Family Law Specialist
  • Nigel, Owner Becalm in Pyrmont
  • Bridget – Yots Cafe Bar, Pyrmont, Darling Harbour

Sustainability is Cool

Pyrmont Growers’ Market: a buzzing, social, foodie hive

The Pyrmont Growers’ Market has come and gone for the month of February. But, are they worth waiting around for each month?

Australia’s First Fair Trade Cities

Adelaide City Council has become the country’s first Fair Trade Capital City and has joined Fremantle City Council in becoming Australia’s first two Fair Trade Cities. Leichardt Municipal Council (NSW) has also joined Manly Council (NSW) and Yarra Council (VIC) as the country’s third Fair Trade Council. Within Australia, there are over 300 Fair Trade [...]

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