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10 Reasons to Buy Organic at Pyrmont Farmers: Can you Afford Not to?

organic farming 10 Reasons to Buy Organic at Pyrmont Farmers: Can you Afford Not to?organic shopping pyrmont 10 Reasons to Buy Organic at Pyrmont Farmers: Can you Afford Not to?

1. Safe food, free from chemicals
Organic farmers, who you can find at the Pyrmont Grower’s Markets, don’t use synthetic chemicals on their farms, so organic food is naturally chemical free. Following an independent review of produce, Choice Magazine concludes that “If you want to minimise your family’s exposure to pesticides, organic is the way to go. Tests have repeatedly found lower levels of pesticide residues in organic produce.”

2. Less bad additives, less bad attitudes!
By eating organic you can avoid eating up to two kilograms of food additives every year. Artificial food additives have been linked to health concerns ranging from allergic reactions, rashes, headaches and asthma to growth retardation, hyperactivity and behavioural problems in children.

3. High-volume vitamins
Growing evidence shows that organic food can be packed with up to 25% more essential vitamins and nutrients than conventional foods, so your body gets more nourishment from consuming the same amount of food.

organic food3 10 Reasons to Buy Organic at Pyrmont Farmers: Can you Afford Not to?4. Increased Anti-oxidants
Anti-oxidants are essential for the immune system to guard against diseases and to fight aging. On average, organic produce has been found to contain one third more anti-oxidants than its conventional equivalents, especially fruits like tomatoes and kiwi fruits.

5. An Everyday Treat for your Tastebuds
Many organic consumers when asked why they buy organic will often reply that it’s the superior quality and flavour – “like it used to be”. Apart from the taste advantage, lower water content through natural methods of production as well as natural handling of produce can in many cases improve shelf-life – one of the reasons why organic may taste fresher and tastier.

6. Caring for our animal friends
Organic farming ensures that animals are treated humanely, with space to grow in a natural environment and low-stress transportation and handling techniques. They are not fed antibiotics or genetically modified feeds.

7. A land for future living
Organic production can reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a healthier planet. Organic avoids the source of two-thirds of all cropping emissions caused by nitrogen-based fertilisers. What’s more, healthy soil production methods contribute to reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by capturing CO2 back into the soil. A 23-year research project shows that if only 1000 medium sized farms converted to organic production, the carbon stored in the soil would be equivalent to taking 117,440 cars off the road.

8. Pure waterways, prospering wildlife
Organic farming reduces the amount of chemical runoff that winds up in our waterways and drinking water, helping maintain a flourishing marine, animal and plant life. Organic farming is also clearly shown in studies to significantly increase biodiversity, helping to save disappearing native animal habitats.

gmo free1 10 Reasons to Buy Organic at Pyrmont Farmers: Can you Afford Not to?9. GMO-free, how food’s meant to be
Evidence is still inconclusive as to the true safety of genetically modified organisms in our foods. Some GMO foods are already allowed for sale in Australia and are not always labelled accordingly. The only way to ensure your food is GMO free is to buy certified organic. Grown naturally, the way nature intended, organic foods undergo the minimum processing necessary for keeping the purity of food intact, always with the health of the consumer in mind. “Organic food is not a luxury, its how it’s meant to be.” (Nutritionist Shane Heaton).

10. Can we afford not to go organic?
Organic foods can be more expensive, however this represents the true cost of growing nutritious, high quality, chemical-free produce. As some say, ‘you get more carrot in your organic carrot’. Food grown using intensive methods may be cheaper, but on the flip side can have high health, social and environmental costs such as sickness and cleaning up polluted waterways. ‘Can we afford not to go organic?’ is the real question to ask.

Provided by Biological Farmers of Australia (August 2008).

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2 Responses to “10 Reasons to Buy Organic at Pyrmont Farmers: Can you Afford Not to?”

  1. Palm Springs Savant Says:

    This is great! Thanks for posting this. I am an advocate for organic foods and produce because I believe we need to reduce the amount of pesticides we consume from our food supply. I just wrote a similar post on my own blog today, so I enjoyed reading this post.

  2. don Says:

    Awesome mate, Am glad that you liked it. Its one of our very first articles on the topic, with more to come.

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