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6 Ways to Improve your Fitness in Pyrmont

fitness in pyrmont 6 Ways to Improve your Fitness in Pyrmontgetting fit in pyrmont 244x210 6 Ways to Improve your Fitness in Pyrmont

Well, with many wide open spaces, more than 10 parks and tens of kilometres of the Sydney harbour foreshore accessible to the public, Pyrmont is the perfect place to get fit – there are no excuses! In actual fact if you turned up in pyrmont village at various time of the day, I can almost guarantee that you would find a pyrmont resident or visitor exercising, either on land or on water.

However if you are kinda like me and Try out these 6 to start with:

  1. Run some laps around the full length of Wentworth Park (not just half of the park which is separated by the light rail bridge) and complete with push ups and bench presses at the fitness station.
  2. Take a yoga class at the Pyrmont Community Centre.
  3. Swim 20 laps of the 50m indoor pool at the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre.
  4. Join an early morning boot camp class.
  5. Play a game of touch rugby at Wentworth Park.
  6. Jog around Pyrmont Point Park, followed by sprints up and down the stairs to Giba Park.

Do you have favorite place to exercise in Pyrmont? Let us know at, and we might just add it to the list!

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