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7 Tips for Finding Your Dream Home in Pyrmont

68 7 Tips for Finding Your Dream Home in Pyrmont69 7 Tips for Finding Your Dream Home in Pyrmont

  1. Start Early!
    The Sydney rental market is extremely competitive at the moment, which means you will be up against a lot of people when it comes to finding your new apartment. Some of these people will have better paid jobs than you, more stable family arrangements, better credit histories and more positive references. So you will have to get used to disappointment quickly. It also means that finding a house can take a while to do, so if you start looking for a new place months before it becomes urgent you will be more likely to find a nicer place, and avoid a panic.
  2. Make a budget and stick with it
    It is important to work out how much rent you can realistically pay. Can you afford more than what you are currently paying? Less? What will your job situation be like in six months time? You don’t want to have to leave your dream apartment because you can no longer afford rent. It might even be worth considering whether a mortgage is a better idea than renting, it may not be as much as you think and home-ownership provides much needed security.
  3. Make a list of things you need and want
    Make a list of features that you absolutely require from an apartment, and features that you want. Make sure you prioritize the things you can’t live without. Is a balcony more important than a bath tub? Take a print out of this list to apartment viewings, and tick off features. That way, it will be easier to compare.
  4. Know the area before you live there
    Prior knowledge of public transport, food shops, hospitals and public facilities can be very helpful when it comes to deciding where to live. If you already know an area well, you won’t have to trust a real estate agent’s word about how close things are.
  5. Be realistic
    Understand that you may not get everything you want in a place at a price you can afford, and be prepared to make some sacrifices. Otherwise you will end up disappointed… or homeless.
  6. Be persistent
    The harder you look for something, the more likely you are to find it. Subscribe to real estate newsletters. Always look in real estate agent windows. Casually browse websites like and when you have a moment, and always set aside some time every week to seriously look for, and look at, potential homes.
  7. Up bid!
    If you fall in love with a place at a viewing, it might be worth offering the estate agent a small rent increase. It’s amazing how much difference an extra five dollars a week (within budget of course!) can make in putting you ahead of the competition. It’s also worth taking cash with you, so you can offer to pay some of the lease up-front.

Pyrmont Village is such a brilliant place to live. I was very lucky, and bought in at the right time.

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