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A Community Bank for Pyrmont?

95 A Community Bank for Pyrmont?96 A Community Bank for Pyrmont?

Let’s be honest: banking services aren’t exactly Pyrmont’s strongpoint. With the city a stone’s throw away it seems unreasonable to complain, but the reality is that a pleasant stroll over the Pyrmont Bridge is not always convenient.

This is where Bendigo Bank comes in to the picture. For several months now, Pyrmont residents have been in discussion with Bendigo Bank in the hope of improving Pyrmont’s banking facilities with a Community Bank.

“At this point, we’re currently in the awareness/pledge stage of the campaign for a Community Bank in Pyrmont,” says Nicholas Brookes of Bendigo Bank. “This means we’re in the process of communicating how committing to such an establishment would benefit the community, and we’re asking for pledges of support from major businesses in the area.”

One of the main benefits of doing your banking at a Community Bank is that you will be directly supporting the Pyrmont neighbourhood. A Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank donates a significant proportion of its profits to local charities and initiatives, and it is left up to the locals to decide which causes get their support.

“Pyrmont already has such a pleasant community vibe,” states Robyn, a 27 year old local who has lived in the area for two years. “A Community Bank would enhance this by encouraging locals to keep their business within the area.”

32 year old Darren echoes these sentiments. “Because I have to go to the city to do my banking, I end up doing other odds and ends over there, too. If banking was made easier in Pyrmont, I wouldn’t go to the city as much and would take advantage of what’s available to me here.”

Another plus is that Bendigo Bank encourages employment of local staff, and trading hours can be made to suit the needs of its patrons.

“At this stage, it looks like the branch will be open in November,” says Brookes, “But this is only an estimate as the campaign is still in its early stages.”

For more information on the Bendigo Bank, visit

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