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Why should I spend my advertising dollars

5 AWESOME Reasons:

1. The Facts About the Internet and Local Search

  • 9.1 million Australian adults use the Internet everyday (Source: Reach Local)
  • 87% of them access search engines, and of those, 79% research products and services to buy (Source: Reach Local)
  • 42% are seeking a local business to buy something offline (Source: Nielsen//Net Ratings 2005-2006)
  • Google search accounted for 88.14%of all Australian searches in July 2008 (Source: Hitwise)

2. Power in Google Organic Search Results has authority for the search phrase “Pyrmont” in Google. This means that we can help you to rank within the first page of Google in “organic” search results for your selected keywords within the Pyrmont market e.g. “Pyrmont accountant”, “Pyrmont therapist”.

Over the long term this will mean that you won’t have to compete with others bidding for keywords. This is a far more effective and cheaper option.

3. A Cost-effective Solution

We offer a far more targeted and effective solution that other competitors who are attempting to enter the lucrative Pyrmont market. This is because when an individual hops on the net they go straight to Google and type a local search term like “Pyrmont accountant”.

People go less frequently to a directory, such as the Yellow Pages or its associated competitors. This generation of website users simply go straight to Google.

4. Personalisation and the Opportunity to Differentiate

Yes Come on Down, and tell the us about yourself. Authenticity is what we are about. We give you the forum and space to communicate and engage on a personal level with the Pyrmont community.

5. Sustainability & Community is What We are About and What We are Open To

What does that mean you say? Well for an Excellent discussion and explanation check out

Sustainability is important to the urban village community. So join the discussion, and indeed, educate us about how and why, your form of Practical Sustainability is the way to go.

  • LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability) consumers account for nearly 4 million (26%) of adult Australians (Mobium Group, 07)
  • LOHAS consumers are passionate about the environment, social issues, health, peace, human rights, relationships, fairtrade, sustainable practices, spiritual & personal growth
  • Australian consumers currently spend $12 billion on LOHAS products and services with the overall growth rate of 20% expected to continue (Mobium Group, 07)

And if you need help with your Web 2.0 strategy – website development, SEO, strategic marketing – just ask us!

So, to find out about the value we can offer in terms of your advertising options, give Don a call or send him an email at:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Important Note to Potential Advertisers:

1. Pyrmont Village, will ALWAYS NO FOLLOW Paid Advertisers, as per Google’s Guide Lines.

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