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Affordable Fast Broadband for all is a Great Thing – NBN

NBN and Pyrmont Village 140x140 Affordable Fast Broadband for all is a Great Thing   NBNI was initially against the NBN, primarily because of the fact that the infrastructure that came with it, could have been used to enable Senator Conroy’s Orwellian Internet Censorship agenda. However after giving the matter more consideration, I feel that the NBN, could really revolutionise the way we communicate and do business in this country.  For people in the bush, access to true broadband would be an amazing feat.

However with Bob Brown, and the Greens to shortly hold the balance of  power in the senate, I feel for now that Senator Conroy’s silly regressive  agenda can be led to rest. He is a worry though and a poster child for all that is wrong with the modern day labor party. For we are led to believe that he comes from the left of that party.  Us normal folk are thinking, if he is from the left in the labor party, what moral compass is the labor party using these days????

The  other worry also is the opportunity cost.  I guess the question that needs to be answered and rather quickly is will other vital projects like hospital upgrades, etc be delayed or moth balled?.

And finally the question of cost for the end consumer, will folk that are struggling really be able to pay for this?  If the federal government can come up with a comprehensive package that sorts out eventual cost for the less well off,  like folk on welfare benefits that allow them to easily join the global online community, that will be in itself quite laudable.

What's next?

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