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Andrew Forrest, Visionary Australian, Visionary Contribution to Aboriginal Australia

aborignal children nomad journey blogspot Andrew Forrest, Visionary Australian, Visionary Contribution to Aboriginal Australia  Hey There Pyrmont People,

How are We all, Great One Hopes. I thought that I would write a very short note, to state how very pleased I am and indeed very proud that thIs week, the wealthiest Australian, in this country, decided to step up to the plate and make a contribution on a level, never before attempted by others, before him.

Iron-ore billionaire, Andrew Forrest, named as Australia’s wealthiest person in this year’s Forbes rich list, appealed for every employer to match the will of government and unnamed “major players” to tackle indigenous poverty.

“I now appeal to the goodwill, to the great heart, of all Australians to step up and employ Aboriginal people,” Mr Forrest said. “Step out to your major role … in breaking, at last, the Aboriginal social and monetary poverty cycle.”

The indigenous leader Noel Pearson, a critic of welfare, applauded the initiative.

“It was a complete hit to the solar plexus when Andrew [Forrest] proposed not a few thousand real jobs in a timeframe, but 50,000 guaranteed real jobs,” Mr Pearson said.

I personally have been a huge fan of Andrew Forrest, over there in Western Australia, he has gone about creating from scratch a world class mining company. He is in this instance applying the same vision to a chronic issue that governments and indviduals before him have not dared.

It is good that Kevin Rudd is also part of this initiative, and putting the weight of the Commonwealth Govenrment, behind this.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has thrown his support behind Mr Forrest’s plan committing to fund training for the workers throughout industry – including in mining, agriculture, hospitality and finance.

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