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“I thought people chose to live in apartments so they could avoid annoying pass-times like gardening,” a helpful friend commented when I shared my latest writing exploits with him. “Get a real house” was another inspiring suggestion.

Mockery aside, apartment gardening is becoming increasingly popular amongst city dwellers of all ages and income brackets. “My herb garden is my own little private escape from the rush of the city,” said a young friend of mine who has just moved from rural New South Wales to live and work in Sydney. “Just closing my eyes and sniffing the basil leaves allows me to stop, relax and forget for a moment how hectic my life is.”

A herb garden is only one of many options you can choose from if you want to spruce up your apartment with plants. Lucky Bamboo is a great choice for gardening novices, as it doesn’t require much light and allegedly has the added bonus of bringing good luck to those surrounding it. Ivy is also a good choice as it grows best in shady environments and works well in hanging pots and baskets. Herbs require a bit more attention, as you will need to regulate their exposure to the sun, make sure they are well irrigated and keep them trimmed to prevent them overcrowding their containers as they grow.

For the more ambitious, a vegetable garden is the way to go. These can be as simple or elaborate as you like, depending on available space. For the beginner or the small apartment owner, vegies like chilli and eggplant can thrive in small containers as long as they are watered regularly and have adequate drainage. Having a balcony gives you much more to work with, as you can grow plants that require more room and support such as tomatoes and beans.

So all is not lost for the inner-city apartment dweller with a green thumb. With minimal effort and a bit of patience, you’ll be serving salads brimming with home-grown ingredients in no time, or tending to your gloriously fuss-free ivy.

And hopefully reaping the benefits of Lucky Bamboo.

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