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Australia’s First Fair Trade Cities

world fair trade day logo Australia’s First Fair Trade CitiesAdelaide City Council has become the country’s first Fair Trade Capital City and has joined Fremantle City Council in becoming Australia’s first two Fair Trade Cities.

Leichardt Municipal Council (NSW) has also joined Manly Council (NSW) and Yarra Council (VIC) as the country’s third Fair Trade Council.

Within Australia, there are over 300 Fair Trade Communities including other councils, workplaces, schools and faith groups who have signed up to make the big swap to fair trade in order to help tackle poverty and create better futures for developing country farmers, producers, their families and communities.

Fair Trade Communities is an initiative developed by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FTAANZ) in order to provide a set of goals and guidelines which institutions and communities can adopt to assist in promoting fair trade within their area of influence. Initiatives implemented by these Fair Trade Communities has included the procurement of Fairtrade Certified products including coffee and tea; and working with members of the local community to form a steering group to promote fair trade in their local area through businesses, schools, faith groups and other organisations.

Australia was now part of a global movement which has more than 500 Fair Trade Towns and Cities across the world including London, Rome, Edinburgh, Wellington and San Francisco.

To find out how you can get involved with Fair Trade at your school, at work, university or in your local community, call FTAANZ on (03) 9662 2919.

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