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Carinda, Owner Hamper Hut

carinda hamper hut 140x140 Carinda, Owner Hamper HutIt was great for us here are Pyrmont Village to have the opportunity speak to Carinda recently. Read on to find out more….

1. Tell us a little about Hamper Hut
We offer hampers for individuals and corporate clients which are brimming with fair trade products and packaged in an eco-friendly basket. They are a great gift and also benefit the local artisans from where the products are sourced, and their communities. We offer a range of themed hampers including Andean Accessories, African Assortments, Indian Infusion and Himalayan Treasures. All of the products in the hamper have been produced by the artisan within that region. For example, the Himalayan region of India and Nepal for the Himalayan Treasures hamper.

We also offer other gifts, such as small hand carved animals made from thongs that litter the Indian Ocean shores in Kenya, and there are more gift ideas coming.

2. What inspired you start the company?

During my travels throughout Nepal, India and Africa I saw talented local artisans and yet poverty. While on a working holiday in the UK I witnessed the embrace of fair trade products, and even a fair trade cafe chain in London. while the idea of starting up my own gift package business started about 5 years ago, I then decided that I wanted to make it support fair trade.

3. What are your favourite 3 movies of all time?
I am a sucker for comedies: Love Actually, Bowfinger & Meet the Parents.

4. Who would be your dream next door neighbour?
Considerate tidy and polite, my current neighbour actually fits this description so I am very fortunate.

5. Where is/would be your favourite travel destination?
I have done a fair bit of travel, I loved India, Nepal and Egypt as they were a real cultural experience. South America is next on the list to explore the Inca Trail, Macchu Piccu and the Amazon – can’t wait!

6. What are you reading at the moment?
A Midsummer nights dream, thought I would give shakespeare a go.

7. Why do you think buying fair trade is so important?
It is important because it provides support by providing fair wages and good employment opportunities to the economically disadvantaged. Choose the fair trade alternative when making purchase as our support can make a difference.

The Hamper Hut:
T: 0434 460 650

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