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Clayworkers Gallery Glebe: Functional and Sculptural Ceramic Show

john1 Clayworkers Gallery Glebe: Functional and Sculptural Ceramic ShowGet along to the the Gallery Experience Members’ Show at the Inner City Clayworkers Gallery Co-op in Glebe, Pyrmont Art Lovers. Here you will see functional and sculptural ceramic by John Tomlin, Peter Tierney, Elsa Rodriguez and Amanda Hale. It runs until Sunday, 28 June 2009.

Artist John Tomlin gives us some insight into his work. “My inspiration as a potter has come from the great ceramic artists of ancient China and Japan. From these often anonymous artists I have learnt to value the texture and character of the clay body as well as the traditional glazes used by these potters. I therefore enjoy blending my own clays and then playing with the traditional glaze pallet of China and Japan – blue Chun, black Tenmoku, white Nuka and so on. I can then use these elements in the playful spirit imbibed from the newer Australian artistic environment which can take the best of the past and weave it into new directions still being explored.”

Where: Inner City Clayworkers Gallery Co-op, Cnr St Johns Road and Darghan Street, Glebe NSW Sydney
Opening Times: Open Thursday – Sunday from 10.30am-5:00pm
Contact: (02) 9692 9717, email or visit

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