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Community Owned Wind Farm: Australian First….WOW…

green energy Community Owned Wind Farm: Australian First....WOW...windfarms Community Owned Wind Farm: Australian First....WOW...

Its not everyday, that you read a story on a great community blog, and you go WOW…Why Did It Take So Long…Wake Up Australia…More of the Same Please.

Well, today was one of those days. Was trawling through the blogsphere, researching another local story when I came across, The Hepburn Community Wind Park which is being billed as Australia’s first community owned wind farm. The Hepburn Renewable Energy Association (HREA) is a group of voluntary members who came up with the idea of a community owned wind farm to reduce the whole area’s greenhouse foot print.According to their website, The Wind Park has passed all approval processes and will be located at Leonards Hill, 10km south of Daylesford, Victoria. It will consist of two 2 megawatt wind turbines giving a total capacity of 4 megawatt of power. This will produce enough electricity for 2,300 homes, almost the number of households in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.

To say that I was inspired by such a revolutionary and gutsy financial community enterprise would be an understatement.

I guess this begs the question of can we, here in New South Wales, actually do this. Is there appropriate regulatory frameworks in place for a group of similarly inclinced citizens within communites, to go ahead and do this. Not saying that we could do the same in Pyrmont Village, and not saying everyman and his dog could have a mini wind turbine in their backyard, however, if communities can get together on a practical level and explore such options, then governments would have not choice but to listen and follow.

This is an example of Practical Sustainability, in action.

So Pyrmont People, do you have any thoughts on this story? Or Indeed any ideas/suggestions for similar stories. Please go ahead and leave a comment below, or shoot through an email:

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