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CRAZY NSW Electricity Prices: What Can We Do…Well First..

 CRAZY NSW Electricity Prices: What Can We Do...Well First..Just received the electricity bill in the post and was immediately astounded at the massive price increase compared to this time last year.  There really isn’t much more to say really and no other conclusion to draw other then the fact that, the Calf (tax payer owned electricity company) is being fattened, before she is sold at the markets to the highest bidder. Yes the sad reality is that, we the DUMB NSW Voters, have just footed the bill, for the upgrade of public owned electricity infrastructure, so that the Government of the day, (NSW Labor) can get the highest possible price for it. So if you feel like I do that the electricity prices are high now, just you wait till after the sale…That thought just frightens the bejesus out of me…

Working Poor

NSW Working Poor 140x140 CRAZY NSW Electricity Prices: What Can We Do...Well First..

For a lot of people, living in NSW, it really is dire. There exists today,  a significant proportion, of our fellow New South Welshmen and Women , who are classed as the working poor.  Proud working folk, who, for one reason or another cannot keep their head above the water financially. They  instead of just worrying about mortgage payments and providing food for their families, will now have to add yet another terrible worry to their already heavy load.  Third world country stuff…..that is now about to happen right here,  right now all over NSW, not just in Sydney.  Bloody Appalling

You really cannot blame the NSW Labor politicians, there is an election around the corner, and  the kitty is empty. So money has to be gotten somehow and from someone to pay for the mother of all election campaigns.  The TV companies are rubbing their hands  with unadulterated glee (elections and desperate governments make for very profitable times).  Also all those NSW labor politicians that are retiring need another gig, that will keep them in the fashion, that they have all  become quite accustomed to ala BOB Carr, (500k  Macquarie bank consultancy)

The Solution: Vote for Any One Instead of Labor & Liberal in NSW

So Don, old mate what can we do, you say….For starters, just for starters,  Ring Barry and Kristina, and Give them both the finger, yes, you heard me right, tell Barry O’Farrell  and Kristina Keneally, to get STUFFED. We are not going to vote for you two idiots. You are both very happy to see, your investment banker mates, collect big time, once the state owned power companies are flogged off .  So we the NSW voting public, will do just like we did at the last federal election, we will vote for any one but the NSW Labor or the  NSW Liberal parties. Bring on the Hung Parliament I say

Here is a revolutionary Idea for you folks, vote GREEN in NSW in 2011, I most certainly will. I say bugger em, lets vote for someone who will, actually look after working folk like you and me.

The very Sick Kicker

Now before I go, let me tell you something, that will make YOU, either very angry or very, very angry,….Okay here goes, What makes this whole process (NSW electricity privatisation) so very very patently absurd,  is that, in a few months, they (the investment bankers) that have just bought themselves a nice profitable public  monopoly, will once again,  get to collect yet more money for free, this time from the taxpayers. Yes you heard right, they will most probably be entitled to some type of tax payer funded compensation, once  the federal government implements some type  carbon emissions trading scheme.   If that does not make you very angry…then you my friends are not sane….haha

PS. I don’t hate you Kristina or you Barry, so can I ask a favour, …Can I too collect some nice coin from both your parties whilst you are dishing out advertising dollars like confetti, next year….haha

barry of farrell

What's next?

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