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Dr Tammy Goldberg, Sanctuary Sanitarium Pyrmont

Dr Tammy Goldberg Dr Tammy Goldberg, Sanctuary Sanitarium Pyrmont1. Tell us a little about Sanctuary and the GP services
Sanctuary is a gathering of professional people whose aims are to provide care when people are unwell, BUT ALSO to promote wellbeing in a wholistic way recognising that we are all unique individuals with our own needs and wants and that our moods and feelings influence our health, happiness and sense of wellbeing.The GP services encompass the whole range of primary care services – including prevention, management of health issues and medical conditions as well as long term follow-up for ALL ages!

2. What inspired you to join the Sanctuary practitioner team?
The inspiration has been the unique opportunity to work in a team dedicated to the ethos of whole-person care!  To be part of this team from its inception is very exciting.  Interacting with a group of energetic and enthusiastic colleagues and allied health professionals has been another plus!!  I can’t wait to become part of the close Pyrmont community!

3. What do you see as the key health priorities in the community?
Key health priorities in the Pyrmont community seem to be related to work-life balance issues which appear to be inevitable in highly motivated pro-active people.  An outcome could be significant stress which of course is a negative health risk factor.  Crowded loneliness is another possible issue which can be addressed in a centre like Sanctuary with our team of professionals.

4. Do you have a favourite place or restaurant in Pyrmont?
I love Pirrama Park!  It is so “user-friendly”, beautiful and consistent with the whole ambience of the area!  We had a drumming session there and it was fabulous (but we have been advised by those within earshot not to give up our “day” jobs!!)  I also love eating at “Made in Italy” – great food, gracious service, friendly atmosphere.

6. Who is your dream real life neighbour?

I found this a hard one to answer – but I would have to say my kids!! I know they have to move away, but I’d love to keep them as close as possible!

7. Name your top three movies of all time

How Green Was My Valley
Schindler’s List
Ice Age

8. What are you particularly passionate about?
My passions are for abolishing bullying in all its forms, animal welfare and dare I admit it – Rugby Union!

9. Who do you look up to or admire?
I look up to Nelson Mandela  -  what an inspiration he is!!

Sanctuary Sanitarium Pyrmont1 Dr Tammy Goldberg, Sanctuary Sanitarium PyrmontSanctuary Sanitarium, Health & Wellbeing Village
7 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW 2009
T: 02 9506 0400

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