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Enough is Enough ~ Save Our Forshores Rally-Sun 28 Nov (09:30am!)

Stop Baileys Save Sydney Foreshore 285x179 Enough is Enough ~ Save Our Forshores Rally Sun 28 Nov (09:30am!)

Stop Baileys Save Sydney Foreshore

Enough is Enough! This is no longer a local issue.
This is a wake up call to join the Battle for Balmain.
Help save marine biodiversity & allow public access to foreshores on this beautiful conservation headland. We need your help on SUNDAY 28TH NOVEMBER at 09:30 am!
to ‘SAVE OUR FORESHORES’ at White Bay/Johnston’s Bay.

A fun, family friendly community campaign to save our foreshores, supported by Leichhardt Council (LMC) is worth getting up early for!! We welcome young & old, be vocal, be colourful, be at this rally! Join the 10 min downhill unprecendented “March with the Mayor” Cr Jamie Parker. Leaving Loyalty Square ( Woolworths Balmain) at 09:40, we’ll be escorted down Darling & Grafton Sts to the secluded Ewenton Park, Cameron’s Cove, one of the best kept secrets in Balmain! After a few brief, engaging speakers, incl. Jack Mundy, bring along friends & families to celebrate community spirit and freedom of speech. Enjoy the roaming entertainment, music, & free sausage sizzle with compliments LMC. Raffle prizes include one child ticket, valued at $185, to camp at Taronga Zoo’s “Roar & Snore” program!

Inner Sydney White Bay deserves & demands a NEW MASTER PLAN, (MP! and a few of those too!) …as promised in 2007. Simply mothball Johnston’s & White Bay development proposals whilst a new sustainable, eco friendly Master Plan is quickly written…by the people for the people!! Inappropriate, ad hoc planning decisions under Part 3A legislation, must stop immediately. For example, the Baileys Marine Fuel depot proposed at White Bay-Wharf 6 is on a prime headland site, identified by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority as a “perfect position for a headland park”(next to Camerons Cove, & directly opposite Jones Bay Wharves, & Pyrmont). This site is just metres below heritage homes such as Sir Henry Parkes “Hampton Villa”. How lucky are those Barangaroo hotel guests! …once the complex is built, they’ll open the curtains to be greeted by a fuel depot with ugly ship maint. sheds & grey water pump out facilities, instead of jacaranda and joggers! This style of NSW Govt planning defies all logic and is NOT how Balmain / White Bay’s future should be defined.

Its not poor Mr Bailey’s fault….the NSW Govt granted them this site, however, unanimous consensus agrees Glebe Island is a far safer location, away from anxious residents, allowing wider harbour access to refuel commercial vessels, leisure craft etc. The catchphrase from those who ‘enjoy a working harbour’ will then become reality, as those residents will be able to watch Sydney’s ‘working harbour’ from their very own private balconies too! Dreams can come true..… Access to foreshores & open space is essential for Sydney’s future as a tourist destination and is important from the viewpoint of aesthetics & wellbeing to all. Solve this & Sydney will ease the ever-growing congestion, obesity & mental health problems etc facing future generations.

Federal and State Govt of all sides take note…1,000’s of votes, Sydney wide, are up for grabs over this Part 3A loophole & restricted public foreshore access. Where lies Govt values & ethics…? Sydney will continue relentlessly to fight long and hard to preserve our amazing biodiversity and to save our foreshores from inappropriate development. We still have a chance to protect White Bay & the magnificent inner city harbour foreshores from ad hoc industry. This is not just a local issue, its Australia wide! As far reaching as the Tin Can Bay campaign… Bob Irwin’s urgent plea for help to save the dolphins and surrounding marine ecology ‘Click and Save Tin Can Bay’ (in just 3 seconds) is receiving international support, including Oprah– refer Bob Irwin:

Join our campaign on Sunday 28th Nov (09:30am), to make a real difference! Strength in numbers will send a strong message to State & Federal Govt that we are passionate about the future of Sydney harbour foreshores… renowned as the most spectacular harbour in the world! We must keep it that way! Not only are the sea levels rising but community outrage has surpassed fever pitch! Balmain/Rozelle demographic has changed over the last 15 years….with respect, we no longer carry the stigma of “Balmain Basket-weavers”.!

It’s a young, vibrant community, where thousands of children enjoy growing up in the warm embrace of the Peninsula’s friendly, free spirited nature.

For further information, please contact: Lyn Latella mob: 0408 108347 (Balmain resident of course!)

Photo Credit: Susie

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