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Enrique del Val: Painter, Printmaker, Art Teacher & Thinker

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We here at Pyrmont Village, are very pleased to introduce Enrique del Val – painter, printmaker, art teacher and thinker and one of the most active and committed young artists in Sydney now. He is regarded as a major figure in the Australian avant-garde pictorial scene, alongside Aaron Matheson, for their collaborations in “The Pink-footed Nymphs”, and Luci de Marco and Alessia Fanari, “Dee Dee Dee Dee Club”.

Del Val is well known for his paintings, drawings, etchings, lithographs and linocuts, boldly honest, intense and challenging, that elude any classification, and for his developed theories on Painting. Enrique’s work plays a central role in the revitalization of the art of mark making in Australia.

Enrique was born in Asturias, Spain and raised in Bilbao, in the Basque Country. As a child he usually dreamed of winning the Nobel Prize, as he constantly drew everything and everyone he felt for.

At seventeen he changed his mind about becoming a medical doctor and by the time the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao was officially open he enrolled in the Fine Arts faculty at Basque Country University. While being an amateur rugby player, a minority sport in Spain, Enrique helped to found the art-action group “Intensidad”, becoming part of the nocturnal Bilbao art scene. His studies eventually led him to Athens, where he was to meet his Fairy Godmother, and Valencia. In Valencia he set up “La Casa de mi Amigo”, an alternative art centre for cutting-edge practices and uncompromising lyricism, which he co-directed.

einvite Enrique del Val: Painter, Printmaker, Art Teacher & ThinkerIn 2002 Enrique moved altogether to Australia with Claire Fletcher to see the Rugby World Cup (RWC). They arrived in Darwin, lived in Broome and settled permanently in Sydney. Enrique shared a studio in the junction of Oxford and Crown streets, where he produced the paintings for his first solo show in Australia “On the
Complicity Among Rogues”. The following year he travelled North to the Tiwi Islands to
spend a few months volunteering at Munupi Indigenous Art Centre. In 2006 he departed for New York where he was to encounter his alter ego, the writer Matt Maquarie or Patxi Bedia. In August the same year his daughter Maika was born. An unsuccessful attempt to return to Europe followed, just on time to see the RWC 2007 in France.

Enrique currently lives in Sydney. He guides Maika exploring the wonders of this world, while cultivating a fond interest in Dhamma practice and undertaking a postgraduate Masters of Art at College of Fine Arts-UNSW, majoring in Printmaking.

DISLOCATIONS is his New Group Show.

Where: KUDOS Gallery, 6 Napier Street, Paddington, Sydney
When: Tuesday, 12 August – Saturday, 23 August
Opening Times: 5:00pm – 7:30pm

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