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Ethical Gifts & Homewares: ibuTrade

tracey from ibutrade Ethical Gifts & Homewares: ibuTradetracey ibutrade Ethical Gifts & Homewares: ibuTrade

is an online retailer of Australian and international gifts and homewares that meet the highest possible environmental and ethical production standards. What a great gift idea, or if you are looking to add that special touch to your Pyrmont apartment.

Basically we scour the earth in search of high quality Fair Trade, eco-logical and locally handcrafted gift products for those with impeccable taste and ethical habits. As much as we love to travel, we are also dedicated to discovering the many unique gifts that our own bountiful Australian backyard has to offer.

ibuTrade was established by myself, Tracey Donehue and my good friend Kathy Stefanac after finding it difficult to access quality ethical products online. Our interest in the environment naturally stemmed from a love of the world we live in and our dedication to Fair Trade arose, not only from an awareness of economic injustice on the part of marginalized producers in developing countries, but also from our passion for other cultures derived from travelling the globe in our BC period (Before Children). In a previous incarnation, that of idealistic 20-something, I thought that hardship bred humanity, that simplicity was the answer to the malaise of the human spirit. I recall marveling at the simplicity of life in a Himalayan village where the only means of transportation was ones own feet; where rice was husked by hand, thread woven by hand, mud huts built by hand and where the people seemed to be always talking, smiling and laughing. There was no litter as all products were packaged in natural materials. I thought I’d happened upon Utopia.

Years later I lived in Indonesia for a year, where I encountered similar villages, similar smiles. Though this time, I understood the conversations and learnt of the troubles belying those smiles. No water, dirty water, water far away. No health services, sick children, dying children. Working mothers who hadn’t been paid in twelve months, forced to leave their children in the care of family while they sought work in the city. Most recently I lived in the Northern Territory, where I witnessed those same smiles and the same motherly spirit that rises above seemingly desolate circumstances. These experiences taught me in no uncertain terms that it is an unfair romantic notion to deprive people the advantages of development because their lifestyle appeals to our western hankering for a simpler life.

The name ibuTrade is thus derived from the Bahasa Indonesia word for mother, “ibu” and is pronounced iboo. In using this term we aim to highlight the importance of Mother Nature; the Mother Spirit that smiles at adversity; the role of mothers in developing countries as well as in Australia; and the nurturing of unique skills to benefit those groups most marginalized by the modern global economy.

T: 1300 798 600
M: 0435 016 724

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