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Fair Trade and Organic Wine and Beer for Pyrmont Ethical Shoppers and Pyrmont Wine Lovers

organic wine image by httpwwwsaloncom Fair Trade and Organic Wine and Beer for Pyrmont Ethical Shoppers and Pyrmont Wine Loversorganic beer image by httpwwwlimecomblogs Fair Trade and Organic Wine and Beer for Pyrmont Ethical Shoppers and Pyrmont Wine Lovers

Hey There Pyrmont Wine Lovers, lately, organic beers and wines have been making more of a presence in bottle shops. So if you live in Pyrmont and you love wine, and are looking for an ethical and healthier alternative to more commercial beer and wine, you are now able to choose from a growing array of organics.

There are many benefits to switching to organic beer. In addition to the ingredients of organic beers and wines being grown without the aid of fertilizers and pesticides, there are no chemicals used in the filtration or refining processes. The results are cleaner tastier wines and beers. More importantly organic beers are seen as healthier because of the lack of pesticides, which are linked to cancer, reproductive and respiratory ailments as well as allergies.

Organic wines are grown with certified organic grapes. These wines are not sulphite free, but they do contain a much lower amount of sulphites then non-organic wines which traditionally have added sulphites.   Sulphites occur naturally in all wine, and are used to arrest fermentation, as a preservative and to prevent bacterial growth. Having fewer sulphites not only improves the taste, but lowers the incidence of headaches and allergic reactions.

A little less common than organic beer is Fair Trade beer. Many are familiar with Fair Trade in reference to coffee, and some of the same practices apply to Fair Trade Beer. Fair Trade beer enables consumers to avoid supporting globalized beer companies who use exploitive practices in the sale and production of their products. In addition purchasing Fair Trade beer supports low-income farmers/artisans. Fair Trade beer was created in response to the brewing industry exploiting farmers in developing countries buy paying low prices for their produce, as is the case with coffee, chocolate etc. Usually the produce can include things like honey, sugar, chocolate and coffee for beers like Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock. Many of the other ingredients like barley and hops are grown domestically. The brewing industry exploits farmers by replacing their indigenous brewing techniques and practices with low quality pilsners made by international brewing conglomerates. These lower quality brews are seen as superior in the local market of the country despite their higher cost, putting small local breweries out of business. A few of the breweries that make Fair Trade beer include: Little Valley Brewery, Wychwood, and Van Steenberge.

Australia has a large number of wineries and breweries that make organic beverages. The include the following: Leda Swan Winery (WA), Anna’s Vineyard (SA), Avonmore Estate Winery (VIC), Battle of Bosworth (SA), Botobolar (NSW), Burragumbilli (NSW), Broombee Organic Orchard & Vineyard (NSW), Captains Creek (VIC), Carlei Wines (VIC), Cullen Wines (WA), Douglas Park Organics (WA), Gardners Ground (NSW), Grancari Estate Wines (SA), Grandvewe Cheeses (TAS), Kalleske (SA), Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard (NSW), Lark Hill Winery (NSW), Macquariedale Wines (NSW), Mountain Goat Beer (VIC), Oranje Tractor Wines (WA), Organic Vignerons Australia (VIC), Organic Wine (VIC), Pig in the House (NSW), Pure Vision (SA), Random Valley (WA), Rees Miller Estate (VIC), Rewine (National), Robinvale Organic Wines (VIC), Rosnay (NSW), Serventy Organic Wines (WA), Settlers Ridge (WA), Tamburlaine Winery (NSW), Temple Bruer (SA),Thistle Hill Vineyard (NSW), Tom’s Drop (SA), Western Range Wines (WA), Wildstone Wines (WA).

So there we are Pyrmont Wine Lovers, there are tons of organic beer and organic wine options for you to explore.

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2 Responses to “Fair Trade and Organic Wine and Beer for Pyrmont Ethical Shoppers and Pyrmont Wine Lovers”

  1. Shauna Chapman Says:

    Organic and Fairtrade wine has been around in England for a few years but the selection of labels has grown rapidly and I’m in full support of it. There’s no way I’d go back to ‘conventional’ wines.

  2. Don Says:

    Hey Shauna, I am going to attempt to work my way through all those labels this year, should be a fun experience :)

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