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Finding a Place to Call Home in Pyrmont

pyrmont apartments 21 Finding a Place to Call Home in Pyrmontpyrmont bay Finding a Place to Call Home in Pyrmont

Well…. I had the pleasure of looking to rent an apartment in Pyrmont recently. I moved to Pyrmont over 5 years ago and at the time, the thriving village of Pyrmont, was not yet discovered. But all good things must come to an end and people have now discovered this small oasis that offers a village-like feel and yet is walking distance the city.

And so the hunt began to find a new place as I had outgrown the current 1 bedroom I was living in. I began by first checking out the Saturday paper. This is what I did when I was looking to rent in Pyrmont Village when I first moved into the area. I was only to discover that I was back in the dark ages and the Saturday paper for seeking rentals was a long forgotten option. Don’t get me wrong there are some rentals in the paper but the market is most definitely dominated by the online sites of and These sites have the advantage of being updated on a timely basis – but as I discovered the updates are not always so timely! Sometimes when you ring, a deposit has already been taken for the place you “really had you sights set upon.” Anyhow, C’est la vie to your dream place you need to keep moving – and fast – onto the next place before someone else grabs it!

Yes we are in a competitive world. So after completing an exhausting week at work you must then be prepared to compete for a suitable rental property in your relaxing time on the weekends. Some places are being viewed during the week, and if you are lucky enough you can organize a private viewing. Even during the week, viewings are being inundated with 50-60 odd people.

Once you finally find a place that you like, the “real competition” begins and the clock is ticking to submit the best application in the shortest period of time. After many web searches and viewings over numerous weeks and weekends I would suggest a few useful tips:

  1. Be prepared – have your application ready and completed (ask for a copy before the viewing and submit a completed copy on the day if you like the place)

  2. Submit as many relevant documents as possible that support your cause as being “the best tenant that a landlord can only dream about” – if you earn a good wage submit your pay receipts

  3. Attach written references – if you have a current agent that is positive about you then ask them for a reference (but then again, due to the tight rental market, you may not wish to alert them to the fact you are moving until you have a place secured)

  4. Get to know the real estate agents - visit them in person if you have the opportunity so they know your background and who they are dealing with

  5. Be prepared to offer a longer lease or pay slightly more if you really like the place – let’s face it time is money and all the time you continue to look for a place is valuable time lost

I would also suggest keeping abreast of new properties becoming available by:

  1. Keeping in contact with the agents to see what rental properties are in the pipeline

  2. Making sure you are connected to and daily alerts

  3. Following up immediately – if you see something you like ring the agent and try and get a viewing before the weekend if possible (there are only so many places you can see on a Saturday morning)

It is certainly an experience trying to secure your dream place with the rental market so tight. And it is definitely a landlord’s market.

I have to commend some of the agents that I came across who are doing a fabulous job and really looking after potential tenants, even though they could adopt a “no care” attitude as the demand for rental properties far outweighs the supply at the moment. They actually return your calls and keep you informed of the latest rentals available. I had the pleasure of experiencing this with Tania Saad at Laing + Simmons in Pyrmont and would like to thank and commend her on her excellent customer service – well done Tania!

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