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Galaxy Book Review: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Galaxy Book Review: Catching FireCatching Fire (The Hunger Games #02) by Suzanne Collins

‘Catching Fire’ is the utterly brilliant, breathlessly paced sequel to the ‘Hunger Games’, hands down the best young adult title of this last year, and this second ones plot, writing and action can be summarised into one word: INCENDIARY.

Collins is vividly descriptive but never dull, and manages to write the dramatic without steering into the melodramatic. Those who read the ‘Hunger Games’ will recognise that the consequences of victory were never going to be good. But in this latest installment, the consequences become painfully clear, and Katniss and Peeta are caught in the middle. They are symbols of defiance, victims of their victory, and role models and rebels all wrapped into one. They only survived because they stuck together…

Collins does a brilliant job of raising more questions. The rules of the Game have changed for the first time in years and on every page there is the quietly lingering threat of things to come. ‘Catching Fire’ is much more ominous, deadly and calculating than its predecessor, but Collins handles the tension beautifully. It’s a testament to her skill as a writer that the whole novel can be so utterly engrossing from start to finish.

For me, it’s quite hard to believe at times that these two brilliant books are firmly categorised as ‘young adult’ fiction. Clearly this is because we experience the story through the eyes of Katniss and her straight-forward narration. She is a teenage heroine who I have the highest respect for, because she is a hunter who kills without a blink of an eye. Yet beneath her calm and dignified mask, Katniss also feels heartache, fear and loss. She cannot waver, she must survive, and I love her quiet will of iron. I can’t fault Collins writing, and especially not her pace.

Perhaps it’s the combination of subject matter and style that makes her so compulsively readable and difficult to put down; whatever it is, it’s a magic that she possesses in spades!

From the very first book (, Suzanne Collins’ plot and writing style compelled me to read like a woman possessed, and I feel oddly dizzy at the thought of the third book which feels so excruciatingly far away.

This review is by written by Sofia Morales. The book is available at the Galaxy Bookshop, which is located just across the Pyrmont Bridge from Pyrmont, at 143 York Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia. Phone: (02) 9267 7222 or for book inquiries email

To purchase the book online, visit

Price: $18.99
Format: paperback
Pages: 480
Category: Young Adult Fiction/ Science Fiction

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