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Get Hands-On with Science this Saturday: Powerhouse Musuem Pyrmont

Powerhouse Museum Pyrmont Science Exposed Get Hands On with Science this Saturday: Powerhouse Musuem PyrmontDid you know that mathematics is helping to fight HIV? Or that radio waves can create images of galaxies far, far away? This Saturday, 31 October 2009, at the Powerhouse Museum, eight of Australia’s leading Young Tall Poppy scientists will show you how science has helped them achieve amazing things. They will run a series a practical one hour workshops throughout the day for emerging scientists aged 11–15 years.

Dr Peter Rutledge, from the University of Sydney, is working on developing new antibiotics that will help combat superbugs. On Saturday he will take you through hands-on experiments in modern chemistry, and talk about how chemistry has the capacity to change the world.

Dr David Wilson, from the University of New South Wales, uses mathematical modelling and complex equations to advise governments and health workers about trends in the spread of HIV/ AIDS. Join his workshop for an insight into how maths can help inform about the spread of infectious diseases.

Anant Tanna and Gemma Anderson from the Sydney Institute for Astronomy (University of Sydney), will show you how to use multi-wavelength astronomical imaging to create beautiful images of celestial objects.

Other workshops include:

  • Life underground: Associate Professor Ian Anderson will have you using microscopes, tests and sampling to experiment with the little known but vital world of life in the soil.
  • It’s a cyber world: Explore the latest in computer science with Dr Steffan Williams.
  • It’s all in your mind: Researchers from the Brain and Mind Research Institute will have you experimenting with the way you think and see, and how we know what is real and what is imaginary.
  • Electric water: This workshop will involve working fuel cells, hydrolysis and an investigation of the actions of catalysts in making this technology efficient enough for everyday use. Participants will split water molecules then recombine them in a workshop to investigate fuel cell technologies.

Bookings are essential. The workshops are included with Powerhouse Museum admission ($25 family, $10 adult, $5 child, free for Powerhouse Members). The Powerhouse Museum is located at 500 Harris St, Ultimo. Open 10am – 5pm daily.

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