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Apartment Life

  1. Pyrmont Apartment Gardening: Creating Beautiful Green Balconies:

    If you live in an apartment in Pyrmont chances are you don’t have a garden. You could visit a community garden, or why not take advantage of your balcony? One  can create a beautiful green space that will not only improve your environment but could also potentially provide you with delicious, organic food. Fruits and [...]

  2. 8 Useful Tips for Finding a Pyrmont Rental you Really Want!

    Having the experience of both seeking rental properties in this tight market, as well as being an owner in Pyrmont, the following are useful tips to help you secure the rental you would like: Get to know the real estate agents in the area you wish to move to – visit them in person if [...]

  3. 25 Tips to Make Your Apartment an Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Green Paradise!

    Renting an apartment should not make you feel exempt from doing your part for the environment and saving yourself some money while you are at it. It may seem like most of the world is talking about “Going Green” but they are talking about their own homes and their cars. What about the apartment dwellers [...]

  4. Sustainable Apartment Life in Pyrmont Village

    The past two decades in the Inner West have seen fast-tracked urban renewal, as industry moves away and apartment buildings take over. The result is apartments suburbs, such as Pyrmont, which the local council aims to make “a sustainable inner city village.” Pyrmont is a prime area for apartment development and living – stretching waterside [...]

  5. Pyrmont Apartment Living and the Rise of the Urban Cave Dweller

    The ‘Australian Dream’ a detached family house on a quarter-acre block in the suburbs? Perhaps now, with more apartments being built in major cities than houses, it’s time to rethink this traditional symbol of Australian life, and look at the century old ‘hidden’ history of apartment living in Sydney. Apartment precincts, such as Pyrmont, are [...]

  6. Very Cool Urban Balconies in Pyrmont Village

    Growing numbers of us are buying into the apartment lifestyle in what seems to be a never-ending stream of developments. Some of us want to be close to the CBD, and others, including empty nesters used to having a large garden, are seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle. Right here in the village of Pyrmont are some [...]

  7. Mina Zheng Profile – Feng Shui Consultant

    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sydney based Feng Shui consultant Mina Zheng . She discussed with me briefly about the complex (and slightly confusing) philosophy of Feng Shui. “Feng Shui is the art of arranging the physical environment in a way that harmonizes with the daily lives of the individuals and groups [...]

  8. Pets In Apartments

    One of the hardest things about leaving your house in the suburbs behind to move into a flat in the big, bad city can be abandoning Fluffy and Woofels. Apartment living greatly reduces your options when it comes to looking for pets, as many otherwise great creatures suddenly seem too large, high maintainance or smelly. [...]

  9. 5 Tips for Ending Tenancy – for renters, landlords and neighbours in Pyrmont

    Notice, Notice, Notice – A notice of termination must always be given far in advance, whether you are the tenant or the landlord. Always make sure your notice complies with the legal time minimum.

  10. Apartment Gardens

    “I thought people chose to live in apartments so they could avoid annoying pass-times like gardening,” a helpful friend commented when I shared my latest writing exploits with him. “Get a real house” was another inspiring suggestion. Mockery aside, apartment gardening is becoming increasingly popular amongst city dwellers of all ages and income brackets. “My [...]

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