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  1. Carinda, Owner Hamper Hut

    It was great for us here are Pyrmont Village to have the opportunity speak to Carinda recently. Read on to find out more…. 1. Tell us a little about Hamper Hut We offer hampers for individuals and corporate clients which are brimming with fair trade products and packaged in an eco-friendly basket. They are a [...]

  2. Mihiri, Founder, Generation Wonder

    1. Tell us a little about Generation Wonder Generation Wonder is my little shop of wonder. In short it is an online Organic, Eco and Fairtrade children’s store. The recipe for Generation Wonder is to use only the most wonderful ingredients – seasonal pickings of global products from exciting manufacturers doing their bit for sustainability [...]

  3. Jodie, Founder & Designer, Bholu

    1. Tell us a little about your business Bholu combines Australian designs with traditional embroidery techniques by local women artisans in Western Gujarat, India, to create contemporary rugs, homewares, slippers, journals and kid’s toys. “Bholu” is a term of endearment to a small child, often a grandchild, and is used by the Kaatchchi community in [...]

  4. Luciana, Owner, Sassy Treats

    1. Tell us a little about your Sassy Treats Sassy Treats is an award winning comprehensive range of nutritionally rich, organic, additive and-preservative-free menus for dogs, cats and horses, proven to alleviate allergies, improve behaviour, and nurture well being in pets. Main courses are Snap-frozen in 250g and 600g sizes (for Dogs) and 200g sizes [...]

  5. Naomi Simson, CEO Red Balloon Days

    1. Tell us a little about Red Balloon Days. RedBalloon Days is Australia’s #1 online gift giving website as awarded by Hitwise We’ve been listed in the BRW Fastest Start ups three years running (2005-2007). We “package up pleasure” giving people a good time by allowing them to experience something they have always wanted [...]

  6. Thomas – Owner, btom Chartered Accountants Pyrmont

    Tell us a bit about your business btom btom is a modern chartered accountancy practice that specialises in servicing the distinctive needs of small business, higher income professionals and private investors. We are located on the fringe of the Sydney CBD in Pyrmont. Our key point of differentiation is that we do not charge hourly [...]

  7. Matthew – Owner, 4ecoPromotions

    Tell us a bit about your business 4ecoPromotions We are a company totally dedicated to a more sustainable planet and fairer conditions for all it’s inhabitants. At 4eco Promotions we take a fresh approach to promotional products. We source only those that make a statement and reflect your commitment to social and environmental responsibility. They’re [...]

  8. David – Resident

    Do you have a nickname and if so, how did you come about getting it? Dave, probably because my name is David. What is your favourite food? Fried rice Name your top 3 favourite movies of all time? Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Donnie Darko, Unleashed Do have a favourite book, and why? Dune series by [...]

  9. Veroniki – Yoga Teacher Pyrmont

    Do you have a nickname and if so, how did you come about getting it? Nickname is V although I prefer being called Veroniki. I guess it came about because people find it a bit hard to pronounce my nameor simply too long. What is your favourite food? Thai. Name your top 3 favourite movies [...]

  10. Amanda Resident

    What is your favourite food? Seafood. Are you single or Taken? Taken, I have an adorable partner. Do you have a part of Pyrmont you really dig? Pyrmont Point Park.

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