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Sustainability is Cool

  1. Pyrmont Growers’ Market: a buzzing, social, foodie hive

    The Pyrmont Growers’ Market has come and gone for the month of February. But, are they worth waiting around for each month?

  2. Australia’s First Fair Trade Cities

    Adelaide City Council has become the country’s first Fair Trade Capital City and has joined Fremantle City Council in becoming Australia’s first two Fair Trade Cities. Leichardt Municipal Council (NSW) has also joined Manly Council (NSW) and Yarra Council (VIC) as the country’s third Fair Trade Council. Within Australia, there are over 300 Fair Trade [...]

  3. Donate Your Shoes to Help Those in Need

    Worldly Soles is seeking your unwanted shoes for adults and children in Haiti, Africa and in the Himalayas. By donating your gently warn shoes you will make a huge difference for people who cannot afford shoes in the poorest regions on earth. You need to make sure that your shoes are clean and in good [...]

  4. Carrotmob First Australian Event: MFC Surry Hills this Saturday, 24 October 2009

    It’s the carrot, not the stick that we want to give the mule to get it moving, and there’s no mistaking, this mule is stubborn. Zana Wright, a UTS Masters of Architecture student, wants to turn the recalcitrant mule of our economy around and save the environment. So Carrotmob is coming to Australia, the first [...]

  5. Eco-Ethical Toys, Gifts & Baby Clothing: Pre-Christmas Sale this Weekend

    TOYS, GIFTS AND ORGANIC BABY CLOTHING for children newborn to 6 years old. This weekend in Bronte – Saturday, 24 October and Sunday, 25 October – Global Child is having a sale of their unique selection of wonderful, quality children’s toys and gifts from all over the world. Many are Fair Trade certified, made by [...]

  6. Economic imperative meets sustainability with a bit of serendipity on the side.

    Hundreds of people turned up at the Rethreads giant clothes swap on 19th September to surrender unworn clothes and dig around for some new favourites. Regardless of whether you are driven by the serendipity of a chance find, the principals of recycling or the satisfaction of cleaning out your wardrobe, these clothes swapping events are [...]

  7. Eco Friendly, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products: Keeping Your Pyrmont Apartment Clean and Green

    Making your own non-toxic, natural cleaning products is a great way to turn your Pyrmont apartment into a chemical-free, environmentally friendly haven. You will be looking after the health of the environment and those you live with, and saving significant amounts of money—your self-made cleaning products will cost around one tenth of the price of [...]

  8. Out with the New, In with the Old: Be a Pyrmont ECO-Friendly Green Shopper

    We all want to be green, and we all have the best intentions to live sustainable life-styles, but we all know that it can be hard to change old habits, no matter how bad they might be. If you’re looking for easy ways to make your life-style a bit more eco-friendly, why not check out [...]

  9. Wind Energy: The Future for Power in Australia

    Imagine a naturally renewable resource so plentiful that theoretically the amount of power available is greater than current global energy consumption. Imagine if, once the necessities to harness this power were in place, no fuel was needed for continuing operation, and the power source was clean, widely distributed, and produced minimal greenhouse gas emissions. Now, [...]

  10. Sustainability and Community Gardens for Pyrmont Village Residents

    As I sat channel surfing the other night on my couch of complacency I came across a documentary on SBS about real life utopian societies. And while the idea of polyamarous relations in a shared, so-called peaceful commune setting certainly does appeal to me. It also made me question whether this lifestyle now, outside of [...]

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