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Pyrmont History

  1. When Pyrmont was Pirrama: History of the Cadigal Aborigines

    Pyrmont’s history has seen the suburb evolve through industrialisation to a modern day urban residence. But even before British colonisation of Sydney in 1788, the peninsula was no stranger to human occupation. With a wealth of resources, the peninsula that would one day be named Pyrmont was Pirrama, home of the Cadigal tribe. The Cadigal [...]

  2. The Ancient Meets the Future: An Evolving Pyrmont Odyssey

    A glimpse into Pyrmont’s past reveals a suburb which has played a pivotal role in the development of Sydney. From its rise to prominence as Sydney’s industrial heart to its fall into near ruin and later restoration, Pyrmont’s history is uniquely diverse. Today much of Pyrmont’s past has disappeared beneath a contemporary landscape, but the [...]

  3. Pyrmont: A History

    Pyrmont’s colourful history dates back to 1799, when it was purchased by John Macarthur for a gallon of rum. Since then, the suburb has transformed from a thriving industrial area to one of the most derelict parts of Sydney, to the trendy, diverse community it is now. The rich industrial history of Pyrmont began in [...]

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