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Green Star Buildings In and Around Pyrmont

workplace6pyrmont 285x159 Green Star Buildings In and Around PyrmontWhen 30 The Bond was completed in 2004 at Millers Point, on Sydney Harbour, it became the first office building in Australia to commit to, achieve, and eventually improve on, a 5 Star Green Star rating – placing it at a level of Australian Excellence. More recently, in our own backyard, is the first 6 Star rated building in NSW – Workplace6, part of the Darling Island Stage 3 development in Pyrmont – due for completion at the end of this year. With 83 Green Star certified projects in Australia, and seven 5 Star rated buildings in NSW and three 6 Star rated buildings having been constructed, or planned in NSW over the past four years, it looks as if this positive trend is set to continue.

30 The Bond was the first commercial building in Australia to seriously commit to a 5 Star rating, and as a result, builders and current owners, Lend Lease considered almost every aspect of planning, design and construction in terms of environmental impact. It implemented the first widespread use of passive chilled beam technology, and this, along with wintergarden rooms and automatically controlled external shades resulted in its high rating. Internally, sustainable natural finishes that do not exude toxins, such as bamboo, wool and goat hair were used – and the result is stunningly contemporary. The certified emission not only met the 5 Star design commitments, but reduced them by 20% – resulting in a building with 30% lower CO2 emissions than a typical office building.

30 bond 2 1 Green Star Buildings In and Around PyrmontStepping up to the plate, and looking set to take over 30 The Bond as the highest Green Star rated building in Sydney is Workplace6, a joint venture between Citta Property Group and GPT Group. Workplace6 makes use of natural light, solar panels, specialised material to minimise heat loss and gain, and taking its cue from 30 The Bond makes use of chilled beam technology to cool the building. Additionally, and innovatively, Workplace6 is predicted to save 20 million litres of water annually. Located opposite Star City Casino, residents of Pyrmont won’t have to look far to catch a glimpse of the new benchmark for sustainable design.

These buildings are just two leading examples of environmentally conscious designs, but it does come at a financial cost – 30 The Bond cost $112 million, and Workplace6 $50 million – thus, commercial developments with such a high awareness of environmental impact are not as yet viable to all. Hopefully the future will bring an increasing level of awareness, and less costly strategies will be made available, making these buildings not the exception, but the norm.

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