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Have you Considered an Astrology Reading or Course Pyrmont Residents?

planets Have you Considered an Astrology Reading or Course Pyrmont Residents?astrochart Have you Considered an Astrology Reading or Course Pyrmont Residents?

Hey Pyrmont People Have you ever asked questions like “Why am I here?”, “How can I make my life more meaningful?” or similar?   Maybe you wonder why you keep repeating the same patterns or finding yourself in the same kind of relationships.

One of the most powerful tools for addressing the need for specific personal answers to these and similar questions is Astrology. Yes, astrology ” just not the kind you read in popular magazines or newspapers!

I’m talking about defining the seed or essence of yourself so you can live your life to the fullest knowing under what circumstances you operate best. What difference would it make for you if you knew and understood this?

How does it work?   When you were born, the energy or vibration of that instant in time and place defined the seed of your potential.

Here’s a useful analogy. An acorn can become a huge oak tree given the right set of circumstances. Given a different set of circumstances it might become a small bonsai oak tree or not grow at all. So the environment in which the tree grows determines what its seed becomes. However, it will never be a carrot. No matter what you do with it, an acorn can never produce a carrot. Unfortunately, many people go through their lives starting out as an acorn and end up trying to be a carrot.

Peer or parental pressure or the well-meaning advice of others leave many of us feeling ‘how did I end up here or doing this?”. The classic mid-life crisis is one example of this although it can happen at any time.

If you’re still reading you’re probably thinking “Yeah, yeah, BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?”   If you know the seed from which you grew and provide an environment to nurture it to be the best possible you, life takes on a whole new direction, meaning and purpose.   What difference would that make for you?

Would it also make a difference if you understood not only YOUR life purpose but those of your family and friends?

Aviel uses astrology for both individuals and businesses. On a personal level there are individual and couple readings.   For a business, applications include creating your logo and colour scheme as well as understanding the opportunities and challenges the business will face. When your logo is based on an image representing the essence of your business, people intuitively “get” what your business is about. This also simplifies the design process and hence reduces the cost.

Visit our website ( to find out about what we do and how we can make a difference in your life and business.

If you want to know how to read astrology charts yourself, we’re running a course starting on Wednesday Feb 11th 7-9pm. For details of this course click here ( It’s being held at Heavenly Energies, 156 Mowbray Road, Willoughby.

If you would like to run a course in your area, please contact Laurence on (02) 8282 5295 or email

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