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Hey Pyrmont Community – Are You IN or OUT?

pyrmont community Hey Pyrmont Community   Are You IN or OUT?

We here at Pyrmont Village are fortunate to have Mihiri Udabage from Generation Wonder ( write us the following thought provoking piece. Mihiri owns and operates Generation Wonder, an on-line store for children, connecting the kids with global communities through the wonder of global products.

How do you know you are a part of community? Is it because you share a postcode? Or the same bus route? Because you share the same bin day? Are you in a community when you have the same school uniform hanging on your washing line? Or when you wear the same t-shirt at corporate events? Perhaps it’s when your favourite barista is the same as everyone else’s?

For me, none of these alone explains what it means to be in a community. I suggest that being a part of a community is not related to simply sharing a locale, an interest, resources or even beliefs. I suggest that the main defining feature of being in a community is that is calls you in to action.

The call to action is what allows me to be a part of communities I will never step foot in. For example, my shopping cart at the supermarket puts me in the community of others. My Fairtrade coffee includes me in communities in Timor and Colombia, with people I will never meet. My transaction is literally an action from one side to another. My action at the checkout is in sharing my life of justice in Sydney Australia, with people on the other side of the world, and asserting that they get to experience that too.

mihiri 210x210 Hey Pyrmont Community   Are You IN or OUT?Our action in our little patch of Sydney house and garden puts our family in the community of looking after the environment. We’ve dechemicalised, deconsumerised and organicised (and made up new words in the process!). In changing our practices in our home – what we consume, how we consume, and why we consume, we are in action in looking after our environment and that puts us in a global community of millions doing the same.

You know when you are in a community, because you are no longer the statistic that previously defined you. You may have been the 1 in 5 people who experience mental illness. Or the 12% of the world’s population that uses 85% of its water. The prevailing statistic in our house is that we are the 1 in 20 families dealing with serious food allergies. But being in action with my community means that I ask their help in keeping our son safe. I give them the information they need to protect him from harm. I am in action to educate myself and my son so I can protect other children from the harm of witnessing their friend in a life threatening situation. In my community, everyone is managing our food allergies.

When you are community, you need no longer be 1 in 20, or 1 in 5. When you are community, you are called to action. You are one for one.

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