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Hey Skilled Professionals In Pyrmont… Wanna Change the World?

goodcompany1 Hey Skilled Professionals In Pyrmont... Wanna Change the World?goodcompany 2 Hey Skilled Professionals In Pyrmont... Wanna Change the World?

Ever wanted to lend your skills to a charity that really needs them? Then join goodcompany at Exchange – goodcompany’s latest forum for linking corporate Australia with charities – where you will find a charity that needs your help. This event offers the perfect opportunity for those of you skilled professionals living in Pyrmont to give back.

goodcompany is a young and dynamic non-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne and Sydney. They facilitate the collaboration between the community and corporate sectors through successful skilled volunteering outcomes and offer a proven skilled volunteering model. They work with over 600 charities, nearly 6000 registered volunteers in Melbourne and Sydney and have achieved over 1,000 outcomes worth over $7 million of professional services to the community.

To celebrate this year’s National Volunteer Week theme – Volunteers Change Our World - this event will share vital information about the sector, some amazing success stories and open opportunities for linking skilled volunteers and charity organisations.

So we are calling on all you funky, smart and with it, Pyrmont Village people who may want to change the world in your own little way, to come on down to the Establishment this coming Thursday, 15 May.

We will be there so come and join us.

Where: Upstairs at the Establishment, 248-252 George St, Sydney
When: Thursday, 15 May
6:00pm – 8:00pm

To register for the event click here.

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