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Internet Censorship Essay Competition for Pyrmont Village

censored Internet Censorship Essay Competition for Pyrmont Village

We here at Pyrmont Village, have decided to launch a small community based essay competition around the theme of Internet Censorship. This small community essay competition will be open to enrolled university students of any age based here in the state of NSW. The primary reason for the location based limitation, is because, of the community aspect. We want the focus of discussion to be on the real life implications that the proposed Chinese like censorship regime will have on the good folk of the state of NSW.

The current anti-censorship campaigns although well meaning, seem in our humble opinion somewhat abstract and indeed the arguments are seemingly arcane. It does not help matters, that the active members of the NO to Internet Censorship campaign, have to this point been limited to members of the technology industry. And therein lies the major flaw, in as far as the campaign is concerned. For the ordinary lay person, the relevance factor is just is not there. We here at Pyrmont Village argue that, there just has not been enough,  if any significant cut through to the broader community via any of the existing anti- internet censorship campaigns.

We hope that our community based essay competition will in some small way facilitate broader awareness in the State of NSW to the negative and downright frightening implications of a Kevin Rudd led Australian Federal Government Sponsored Internet Censorship Regime.

The length of the essays that we will accept must be a minimum of 1500 words and exactly 2000 words maximum. The first prize is $2000 in cold hard cash.


Your essay should incorporate the following criteria:

(1) It should contain new and fresh ideas that will invigorate broader community debate regarding the evils of internet censorship.

(2) It should outline local factors, highlight the real life implications for the good folk of Pyrmont and indeed NSW, should said Internet censorship regime come to pass.

(3) Finally you should attempt to discuss and explore links, if any, between the broader themes of Censorship and Corruption.

The official start date of the Essay is Friday, 9th April 2010 with the final entries to be received by 5pm Monday, 7th June 2010.

All Essays should be sent through to:


1) Antony Loewenstein : Antony is a Sydney-based independent freelance journalist, author, documentarian, photographer and blogger. He has written for The Guardian, Haaretz, The Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Sydney’s Sun-Herald, The Bulletin, ZNet, The Big Issue, Crikey, CounterPunch and others:

2) Megan Davis:  Megan Davis is Director, Indigenous Law Centre and Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law. Megan is also an Acting Commissioner of the NSW Land and Environment Court. Megan teaches, writes and researches on Indigenous issues in public law and international law:

3) Stephen Blanks: Stephen is a Sydney based lawyer who is an accredited specialist in commercial litigation. Stephen  has a special interest in civil liberties, and is secretary of the NSW Council of Civil Liberties.

Please examine the Terms and Conditions of this Essay Competition before entering!

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