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Is Pyrmont Village a Sustainable Community … Why?

bicycle riding Is Pyrmont Village a Sustainable Community ... Why?tree planting care of letsgetgreen Is Pyrmont Village a Sustainable Community ... Why?

Sustainability seeks to encourage economic growth that benefits the local environment, rather than growth that occurs at its expense.

The economic growth experienced in the Western world since the days of industrialisation has precipitated an environmental crisis. We’re rapidly running out of the resources that sustain the standard of living most of us enjoy, and with the developing world preparing to adopt our economic model, a time for change is imminent.

The sticking point for a lot of well-intentioned people lies in actually finding a way to respond to the current crisis. With a change in Government and an accompanying acknowledgement of the urgent need for an action plan, individuals now have guidance and support in adopting a sustainable approach to life on this wonderful planet.

While government policy is an important part of developing a sustainable approach to life, there is a great deal of power in the efforts of communities – after all, it is the combined voices of individuals that determine that same policy. The power of the people was in evidence in the recent Sustainable Sydney 2030 strategy. 97% of surveyed Sydneysiders expressed their support for measures to reduce greenhouse emissions, and their hopes for a society that is sustainable environmentally, socially, culturally and economically.

While the policy-makers get to work, there’s plenty to be done on a grassroots level. By making informed choices, individuals have a big influence on determining the future of our communities. Buying some fish for dinner? Keep this guide from the Australian Marine Conservation Society handy. Walk to work – or get on your bike! Choosing alternatives to driving will save you money as well as saving the planet. Simply switching off the lights or turning off the tap is a positive step in the right direction.

There are also ways to work towards a sustainable life within the community. Bush regeneration programs are a wonderful way to engage with other people in your area, and there are many public education programs available too, as new ideas and resources are developed. Ecologically Sustainable Development is not limited to keeping the planet a habitable place for future generations, it’s also about making communities healthier and happier right now! What could be a more worthy goal than to work towards a better life for us all?

If you’re not convinced that finding a sustainable way of life is a worthwhile pursuit, let alone a matter of considerable urgency, read this report by Australian National University Professor of Economics Ross Garnaut, and let us know what you think.

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