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Joanna Rogers: Urban Balcony Pyrmont

Urban Balcony Joanna Rogers: Urban Balcony Pyrmont 1. Tell us a little about Urban Balcony

The Urban Balcony is all about making apartment living more livable. We focus on extending the living space of your apartment by integrating balconies and other outdoor spaces with the rest of the apartment. People come into our store looking for inspiration in our stylish range of products, which have been specifically chosen to suit balconies of all shapes and sizes. We also offer a design service for people wanting to create a more complete look for their balconies. Outdoor furniture, pots and plants and outdoor-themed art constitute the majority of our products.

2. What inspired you to start Urban Balcony?

We wanted to start a business that was both niche in its focus and relevant to our interests. We were living in London for a number of years and developed a home improvement passion after a renovation of our house.  It was from this that we decided it was time to leave London and our day-jobs and strike out on our own in Sydney. In 2005, we opened The Urban Balcony on Crown St in Surry Hills with a mission to offer people living around the city what large furniture stores and plant nurseries weren’t and still aren’t able to – that is, apartment specific products in a convenient location. We opened our Pyrmont store in 2008 and merged the Surry Hills store with Pyrmont last year.

3. What are the latest trends for an urban balcony garden?

We’ve worked on the premise that we leap off from interior design trends and use those in the way that we style a balcony. In the last summer that took the form of more mix-and-match furniture where we would team a table with chairs from a different range. We’re also trying to introduce more elements to make the balcony feel like a living space. This has lead us to include more soft furnishings and texture through different weaves and wall panels. For us, this introduces challenges in sourcing stylish fabrics and materials suitable for outdoor environments. For Summer 2011, We’ll stick our neck out and say that yellow is our new orange.

4. Favourite Café

Our favourite café  is Pasta Vera on Harris Street. Its just a few doors down and day after day they consistently make great espresso. They also put together a pretty awesome tuna nicoise salad that goes down well for a light lunch.

5. Part of Pyrmont you really love

I’m quite partial to the new park in the water police site. We’ve been down a few times with our 14 month old girl Ella for a picnic lunch. She loves climbing over the playground and fountains that have been installed.

5. Dream real life neighbour

Kevin McLeod (of Grand Designs fame). Seems like he’d be good for a chat about our never-ending garden and design DIY projects.

6. Last Movie Saw and Enjoyed

We don’t get to the movies much now we have little Ella. The last movie that we saw was in our own living room and was “State of Play” with Russell Crowe – an excellent journalist conspiracy thriller type movie

7. Passionate about

I guess we would be most passionate about Urban Balcony – in fact we don’t talk about much else!  We never switch off – when we are out or shopping ourselves, we’re looking for new ideas, and seeing how we can apply them to our designs or the way we do business. In the end, we have got a massive amount of satisfaction (and frustration in equal measures!) in growing our idea to reality.

The Urban Balcony
206 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009, (p) 02 8021-6456

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