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Les Stubbs – Pyrmont Family Law Specialist

les stubbs turner freeman lawyers1 Les Stubbs   Pyrmont Family Law Specialist1. Tell us a little about yourself. Are you from Sydney originally?
Born and bred and raised in Sydney! Spent my whole life here, other than travelling around Australia, and overseas, for holidays. Educated in Sydney, and worked my whole career here.2. What brought you to Turner Freeman Lawyers?
I was approached to commence working here in early 1997, and have now been here for 12 years. I was previously a partner in a law firm in Sydney, a sole practitioner for a period of time, and initially worked as an employed lawyer in the suburbs.

3. What aspects of family law do you enjoy?
The interaction with people, and the satisfaction of helping people to resolve what are very serious personal problems for them affecting their lives, eg over their children, their finances, etc.

4. What is your favourite spot in Sydney and why?

Bondi – because I love the lifestyle and convenience.

5. What are you reading at the moment?
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami.

6. Who would be your dream real-life neighbour?
Pamela Anderson?!

7. What do you do to relax?
I spend most of my spare time with my daughter, doing the usual father-daughter things, eg going to the beach, the movies, bowling, football, racing, her sports, shopping, playing games, etc.

8. If not for your existing occupation, what would you be doing?
I actually wanted to be a forensic pathologist when I was a child and until I was about 16 – when I suddenly changed my mind to do something to utilize my verbal skills! I always thought that would be a fascinating job.

Les looks forward to answering any manner of questions you may have regarding family law matters. Give him a call. He is very friendly and approachable.

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