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“Little Wins for Working Women” in Pyrmont

little wins for working women Little Wins for Working Women in PyrmontJen Dalitz, a specialist in issues facing women in the workplace when advancing to leadership, has recently released a new book – “Little Wins for Working Women, A gift of inspiration for when the going gets tough.”

Are you trying to juggle family and friends, health, personal interests, community and a career and sometimes feel that you are not doing a good job at any of it? Jen says “The aim of this book is to remind women they are not alone; and encourage them to celebrate their every day achievements.

To learn to think about and celebrate the little wins – this will help you to move forward and succeed when some days don’t go according to plan or when life becomes difficult. Jen says œIt’s not about compromise, accepting less or lowering your expectations. It’s about quality over quantity; outcomes not hours; detail and discernment.”

Little Wins for Women is a great motivator and source of insights and advice. The book begins with “For my mum, for daring me to have it all (whether she meant to or not!)”, followed by a foreword by Anna McPhee, Director of Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency. It includes inspirational quotes from Oprah Winfrey and Mother Teresa to J.K. Rowling and ends with pages to record “your little wins”.

If you are looking for a little inspiration on those tough days, or to share these insights and advice – this is an ideal gift for you, a friend or as a corporate gift. It comes in hardcover (145mm x 145mm) and a RRP of $19.95. It is available in bookstores near Pyrmont or you can order at

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