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Living in Pyrmont: Some Wonderful Options

40 Living in Pyrmont: Some Wonderful Options42 Living in Pyrmont: Some Wonderful Options

Waterfront views, tree-lined streets with the sun gently filtering through the leaves, cruisy cafes all within walking distance of the city… sounds almost too pleasant to be true. Not so, if you decide to make the move to the inner-Sydney suburb of Pyrmont. With its dazzling location just behind Darling Harbour, its close proximity to trendy suburbs such as Glebe, Balmain and Rozelle and its almost village-like atmosphere, there are plenty of reasons to consider creating a home in one of Sydney’s fastest growing commercial and residential areas.

While Pyrmont is most famous for being the home of Star City (and pricey real estate according to some), it is an area of Sydney that features surprising diversity and caters for a wide variety of tastes. For every trendy cafe you’ll also find relaxing park areas with spectacular water views, and an endless variety of restaurants, from Japanese to Italian to good old ‘pub grub’. The Pyrmont Bridge Hotel, a twenty-four hour pub situated just behind Harbourside at Darling Harbour is considered an institution by hospitality workers all over Sydney. There are also a surprising number of essential services, from doctors, chiropractors and psychologists to mechanics and hairdressers. As well as twenty-four hour convenience stores, there is even a Coles supermarket, and of course, the famous fish markets.

Like any area, there are both positives and negatives to consider when deciding to make Pyrmont your new home. Even though there is easy access to Central Station via the three light rail stops conveniently situated throughout Pyrmont, there is only a very limited bus service. With the city and Darling Harbour so close by there is endless entertainment of varying genres and prices ranges within walking distance, but this means having to share your backyard with one of the largest tourist precincts in Australia. Speaking of backyards, it’s also highly unlikely you’ll have one of those (in the traditional sense) if Pyrmont is your suburb of choice. Having the Western Distributer at such close proximity may also be a turn-off for some.

Having said all that, it is really about what works for you. Pyrmont is the perfect suburb for the young, urban professional, but its buzzy, community atmosphere would also appeal quite broadly across a variety of age groups and levels of professionalism. This sense of community extends out far beyond the trendy cafes that are always full and the residents strolling with their dogs in the streets. It can be seen in the preservation of the area’s rich history, its thriving community centre which provides all sorts of art and fitness classes, and the activist groups who aren’t afraid to speak out about issues impacting on Pyrmont (check out Neighbourhood News to learn more about this). This sense of connectedness between the residents of Pyrmont and their home is an extremely valuable thing, and a positive factor which almost overrides the negatives.

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  1. don Says:

    Hey I am Very Glad that you dig Pyrmont. Question is what exactly about Pyrmont do you dig? Pray do tell?

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