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Local Exchange Trading Scheme – Check it Out Pyrmont Village

lets massage swap Local Exchange Trading Scheme   Check it Out Pyrmont Village lets trading services Local Exchange Trading Scheme   Check it Out Pyrmont Village

I discovered this fabulous organisation recently and thought it was definitely worth a mention to the many talented and community-minded people in Pyrmont. It is called Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS) and essentially it is the exchange of goods and services that you can provide for those that you are in need of. For example, if I am a marketing specialist in dire need of a massage and there is a massage therapist who needs help with promoting their business, we exchange. So I provide one hour of marketing advice in exchange of a one hour massage.

All in all, it makes for a wonderfully sustainable community. And you don’t even need to make any cash payments. It is a non-profit system that exchanges offers and wants. The currency is Operas. It is 10 Operas to join and it is suggested that you charge 20 Operas per hour. Once members complete each transaction individually (this can be done online) or via Trade Days, the Operas are transferred.

There are 158 members in Sydney and over 9500 Operas have been traded in 2008 already.

There are stacks of new offers available including sewing, cooking, event management, career coaching, reiki, dog minding, waterfront facilities, aromatherapy, secretarial services, gluten free cooking, child care, secretarial services and much more!

To find out more about LETS and to become a member click here.

I have signed up and will be attending the next LETS Trading Day on Sunday, 24 August.

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