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Luciana, Owner, Sassy Treats

luciana and smudge 210x210 Luciana, Owner, Sassy Treats1. Tell us a little about your Sassy Treats
Sassy Treats is an award winning comprehensive range of nutritionally rich, organic, additive and-preservative-free menus for dogs, cats and horses, proven to alleviate allergies, improve behaviour, and nurture well being in pets. Main courses are Snap-frozen in 250g and 600g sizes (for Dogs) and 200g sizes (for Cats) and can be home delivered to Pyrmont – giving a shelf-life of 6 months (in the freezer), or 5 days when thawed. Specialised diets for dogs and cats with particular health needs are catered for (with pancreatic, and weight issues the most commonly addressed).

Sassy Treats is every pet owner’s best opportunity to have on-hand, the best available balance of naturally nutritionally-rich produce, professionally prepared and created solely for the building and maintenance of excellent health, happiness, and longevity for four-legged family members. Seasonal specials meals, treats and cakes are also available. Sassy Treats are available Australia-wide through boutique pet shops, or direct mail order.

2. What inspired you to start the business?
I grew up a vet nurse being told that the only food a dog needed was commercial dry dog food. As the years went on, my little dog Smudge was constantly at the vet getting cortisone shots to stop her itching and scratching so her coat would have a chance to grow. In fact, I think she thought her name was “Smudge- stop-scratching”. Finally a vet suggested finding out what she was allergic too – the tests came back that she was allergic to everything! Fleas, dust, pollen, grasses, and I was told she should undergo immunisation therapy where you inject the dog over a series of months with the allergen to help her deal with the allergies. After 2 years of therapy – she still had no coat, hated children, hid under the bed and was generally unwell. Then I started to investigate online and found many cases of the same problems linked to diet – so I started to turn the packets of dog food and treats over and read the labels – I couldn’t even understand half the ingredients. I decided to take her off all the vet drugs and give nutrition a go – her coat grew back, she stopped smelling and her temperament improved. I tried it on my mum’s dog (who had similar problems) and her hair grew back too… it was time to help other dogs…

3. What steps do you take to minimise your impact on the environment?
Sassy Treats is committed to the belief that the cycle of health in the well being of animals, humans and the environment is interlinked.

Sassy Treats has awareness of global environment issues, and takes responsibility for limited commercial impact upon it. The business of improving the health of domestic animals in urban surroundings means that the business itself encompasses these values since conception 6 years ago.

98% of packaging used in production is biodegradable or recyclable. Water saving taps have been installed in manufacturing and energy used is from renewable resources. Lighting is through natural light from glass bricks or florescent bulbs.

To offset harmful emissions from the delivery vehicle, Sassy Treats annually plants mixed species trees to absorb greenhouse emissions, tackle salinity, improve water quality, and provide habitat for native Australian species through “Green fleet”. Fuel used in the delivery vehicle is ethanol blended.

All organic appropriate waste material from the kitchen is composted on site in our worm farms. All chemicals used in cleaning are Australian made and biodegradable – including the laundry detergent. All laundry is done in shoulder to off peak times to save electricity usage.

Leaching of our soils by the chemicals and pesticides used in some farming practices, and the damage of residual preservatives in tonnes of animal droppings cause long-term damage to the environment; add to that environmentally unfriendly pet food packaging disposal, and a picture emerges of commercial responsibility in maintaining the true integrity of the Sassy Treats brand, by minimising environmental impact.

As a proudly Australian and community conscious business, Australian grown organic ingredients are sourced – not only for the superior nutritional value and lack of synthetic hormones, but for the environmentally ethical, and cruelty-free farming of meats, grains and vegetables.

Eggs are sourced from our own free ranging chickens in Rouse Hill, and our honey used in the treats comes from a small apiarist in Penrith so as to use the natural surrounding pollens.

In all aspects of the business, from ingredients, packaging, labelling and distribution, local Australian companies are specifically sourced to reiterate the definition of the best Australian attitude in supporting Australian land, farmers, manufacturers and businesses.

4. Who would be your dream real-life neighbour?
Anyone who loves chickens, animals, edible gardens, music and outdoor living.

5. Name your top 3 favourite movies of all time?
Finding Nemo, The life of Brian, National Velvet – lol! ( don’t get to the movies much- too busy living).

6. What are you reading at the moment?
Lots of recipe books! Animal nutrition journals, Marley and Me by John Grogan. Local papers.

7. What are you passionate about?
Sassy Treats J Horse riding, the weather, Pilates, animals, Butch Foods (my new human food shop in Camperdown), music, my family, honesty, recycling, and living as if every day was my last.

Sassy Treats
130 Church Street, Camperdown, Sydney
T: (02) 9557 9648
M: 0419 269 266

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