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Marrickville Council Vandalising Mackey Park: Sign Petition Today!

mackeyparklargetrees1 Marrickville Council Vandalising Mackey Park: Sign Petition Today!

Save Mackey Park Trees

Some community parks always seem empty; Mackey Park in South Marrickville is not one of those parks. Mackey Park is a vibrant Park and the home of the Red Devils Soccer Club. Every day hundreds of commuters walk across the park to get to Tempe Railway Station, parents and kids walk to primary and secondary schools in Tempe and Marrickville, others walk to the pool. Dogs are walked or get a run and people go for a stroll or a jog.

Now Marrickville Council wants to change all this by upgrading the park. Some of the proposed changes will have enormous negative impact on the community.

Council have chosen Mackey Park as the new home for a cricket club and to make the park suitable for a cricket oval, they will:

  1. Remove six healthy trees, two 15 metre tall Hills Fig trees.
  2. Remove the central pedestrian path used by hundreds of people daily.
  3. Remove the lighting along this path, plunging Mackey Park into darkness at nightfall and making it unsafe.
  4. Close off the entrance opposite Tempe Railway Station forcing pedestrians to walk about double the distance along a narrow footpath, on a high traffic road bordered by factories and vacant land creating more safety issues.

This is too much community amenity and safety to lose for the sake of a cricket oval.

Saving Our Trees, a new community tree watch group for the Inner West is campaigning about the above concerns. There is an online petition that I ask you to consider signing. There has been too much tree loss in the Inner West in the last couple of years. Councils need to change their practices of axing trees as an easy solution to a problem. Now even trees in parks are not safe from the chainsaws. Trees add much that is positive to our urban environment and our quality of life. They are essential in the management of climate change.

Please help stop Marrickville Council chopping down these trees by signing the petition. Your e-mail address will not be shown.

Many thanks.

Jacqueline Yetzotis

Saving Our Trees in the Innerwest

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