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Mihiri, Founder, Generation Wonder

mihiri generation wonder 140x140 Mihiri, Founder, Generation Wonder1. Tell us a little about Generation Wonder
Generation Wonder is my little shop of wonder. In short it is an online Organic, Eco and Fairtrade children’s store. The recipe for Generation Wonder is to use only the most wonderful ingredients – seasonal pickings of global products from exciting manufacturers doing their bit for sustainability and poverty reduction, mixed with love and connection to others, presented to the kids as brown paper packages tied up with string and tasted through the wonder of childhood. It is very important to me that the children who receive a gift from Generation Wonder know they have become a part of a cycle that hopes to make a difference to people’s lives.

2. What Inspired you to start the company?
I was inspired to start the Generation wonder because of my children. I was overcome with gratitude
for the fortunate life we lead when they were born. I wanted to teach them through my own actions and
values to become responsible adults. As an occupational therapist in my previous life, I knew that
children learn through play. I had the idea that while they were playing and enjoying being kids, they
could learn from a very young age that their actions and choices have an impact on the much wider
community. So I decided to combine wonderful products for children with global stories and, in this
way, introduce meaningful conversation about those less fortunate. And while playing and having fun,
some learning would also occur.

When we are reading our children bedtime stories, buying them clothes or buying gifts for other
children, I am glad that Generation Wonder can assist others at the same time. By making meaningful
choices with our hard earned dollars we can support a life of justice for all, not just ourselves.

3. We would like to know a little about your products?
Our range of products includes clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, bedding, toys, dolls, games, puzzles, organic baby food, magazine & books (including the gorgeous Wonder Year Journal), keepsakes, gifts, stationery and cards. Importantly every single product carries it’s own wonderful tale, a story to share with the children and actually have it mean something. Our products are things to love and remember for a lifetime.

Many of the clothes are Fairtrade cotton or organic cotton, are sweat shop free and Australian made. Also, their sales supportcharities including Habitat for Community, the Watoto Children’s Foundation, The Fred Hollows Foundation, and children’s charities around the world. Plus each month Generation Wonder makes a business loan to which helps entrepreneurs from very low income communities to work their way out of poverty.

4. What are you reading now?
I wish it was more impressive but right now I am reading ‘An Anthology of Aesop’s Animal Fables’ with my children. Old Aesop had a lot of wisdom going on!

5. Who would be your dream real-life neighbour?
Maybe a kind elderly lady fond of making pancakes and passing them over the fence? (Actually I had her as a child). Or maybe my parents? – Instant babysitters. Or maybe Oprah Winfrey? I think we could be very good friends.

I actually have a great neighbour in Bob – he is in his eighties and carries with him the history of the entire district. His porch is always open for visitors. He also still puts everyone’s bins out despite our protestations.

6. If you could live on any street, what would that street be named and why?
It would be Serengeti Walk, leading to Serengeti Woodlands and I would take a hike every day to peer into the valley and spend endless hours watching families of elephants rumble peacefully through the plains.

7. What single issue would you change to make the world a better place?
I would ask that everyone consider how their lives are for others, and to live life in service to others. And it’s simple enough to do today – consider how you are for your partner, your parents, your children, your boss, your school, your friends, your neighbour. If we could each make our lives about being there for others, we would take care of each other much better. And we would each have so many people caring for us.

Generation Wonder
PO Box 1187
Meadowbank NSW 2114
T: (02) 8213 9058
F: (02) 8213 9058

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