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Mina Zheng Profile – Feng Shui Consultant

73 Mina Zheng Profile   Feng Shui Consultant74 Mina Zheng Profile   Feng Shui Consultant

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sydney based Feng Shui consultant Mina Zheng . She discussed with me briefly about the complex (and slightly confusing) philosophy of Feng Shui. “Feng Shui is the art of arranging the physical environment in a way that harmonizes with the daily lives of the individuals and groups living within it.” This involves using both visible and invisible energies within the environment in order to maintain a balance between the elements. The five elements are considered to be the basic components of the universe, these being; water, fire, earth, wood and metal. The elements work together and produce an energy within the home and our lives which can be either positive (yang) or negative (yin) or a combination of both. At this point in the conversation my mind was spinning, complex, metaphysical, invisible elements sharing the apartment with me, almost as weird as the stuff growing from underneath my flat-mates door.

Mina explained that the principles of Feng Shui are 5000 years old, steeped in tradition and a controversial history it has become popular outside of China in about only the last 30 years. Mina grew up in Southern China in a “traditional” family. Her Grandfather was an ‘I Ching ‘scholar and her father was a Tai Chi master she was introduced to the philosophies of Feng Shui at an early age, though it was not until around 15 years ago, after moving to Australia that she started to take the teachings seriously. After years of studying under various Masters, Mina now divides her time between Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo where she is a consultant for both residential and commercial properties. Mina has recently finished working with architects and designers on the construction of a new apartment complex in Killara, where she examined the structure and the geographical location of the building in order to balance the elements, increasing positive energy flows within the building.

721 Mina Zheng Profile   Feng Shui ConsultantAccording to Mina, each building, house and apartment has its own unique energy and each of these environments has a different central core. Energy flows around the core and depending on the elemental configuration of the home, will depend on whether the energy is positive or negative. For example if a building in Sydney is located near the water all the other elements such as wood, metal, fire and earth within the home must be balanced. The elements also exist within the people living inside the environment therefore some areas or houses may not be suited to certain types of people. Water puts fire out. One apartment may be good for one person but not another. I’m wondering if this is the same case for relationships (and flat-mates). Feng Shui is a whole lot more complicated than simply putting a little mirror above your door to ward off the evil eye. It’s a complex exchange of energy that flows and stagnates, definitely a job for a professional! If you would like to find out more information on Feng Shui or you are thinking of moving into a new home or a new relationship visit Mina’s website the future looks prosperous.

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