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Murder in the Dark @ New Theatre Newtown

Murder in the Dark Murder in the Dark @ New Theatre Newtown

Named as one of The 100 Best Writers of the Century by Writer’s Digest in 1999, Atwood is indeed a giantess of the literary world. Her captivating collection of short works. Murder in the Dark sits chillingly amidst her considerable cannon of over sixty books (including the 2000 Booker Prize winning novel The Blind Assassin).

Murder in the Dark tells the tale of a fifth grader who plays an exciting new game in a friend’s cellar, which awakens a desire to kill. His desire lies dormant until he plays the game again as an adult. The life of a serial killer is a complicated one for family, friends and those who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ms Grelis has reworked Atwood’s tales into a striking theatrical experience. “These stories were born to be on stage, from my first reading I was awestruck by their ability to so beautifully illuminate the fragile and disturbing, allowing me to map what is left behind when a desire to kill is out of control ”.

CAST : Scott Clare, Richard Drysdale, Samantha Neaves
DIRECTOR: Tonya Grelis
PRODUCER: Cathy McDouall
LIGHTING DESIGN: Richard Drysdale

Venue: New Theatre Newtown, 542 King Street, Newtown, T: (02) 9519 3403, W:
Opening Night: 16 September 2010
Season: 16 – 22 September 2010
Plays: Thursday, Friday & Wednesday at 6pm, Sunday at 9pm
Price: $24/ $20 Concession

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