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A New Pyrmont Park and Sydney Winter Events

water police site park 282x210 A New Pyrmont Park and Sydney Winter EventsIt might be the middle of winter but that’s no excuse for staying bundled up inside. Sydney is full of parks and green spaces to explore, many of them in or nearby Pyrmont. The City of Sydney recently opened a new park at the old water police site at the end of the Pyrmont peninsula (pictured left). With features such as a playground, foreshore promenade and a community square, the new green space is a welcome addition to the Pyrmont area.
You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have outside all through the winter. The Sydney Winter Festival (which ran from June 18 to 21) was a fantastic initiative to entice Sydney-siders outside to Cook + Phillip Park with an outdoor ice-skating rink, winter films and delicious winter treats. I’m certainly hoping it will be back next year and that the ice rink stays up for longer.
centennial park 285x189 A New Pyrmont Park and Sydney Winter EventsCentennial Parklands has the right idea – they have a huge range of fun outdoor events on over winter. Give the younger kids (2-5 years old) a chance to get outside and learn about the various plants and animals that call the park home at Littlies by the Lily Pond—it’s a great chance for both the kids and their carers to meet new local friends. Older kids (and a lot of adults!) will love the ice-skating rink at the Entertainment Quarter (especially if you missed out on the ice rink at the Winter Festival), and if you’ve got an unruly furry friend around the house, why not give the Dog Obedience Training a go?
I’m certainly hoping Sydney takes notice and our winter outdoor events calendar will soon be as crowded as our summer one!
If there are no events organised for you, why not organised your own? Get outside with friends and run around, cycle or explore the new Pyrmont park. If you’ve got friends with dogs, get together regularly—you can catch up with friends and the dogs will appreciate the get together too! Get a group of friends together for a game of soccer – you’ll warm up quickly and soon forget the chilly weather (in fact, it’s often preferable to the sweltering hear of a Sydney summer!) or simply take time out from the hectic pace of Sydney city life and enjoy a moment sitting on the grass having a chat – in Pyrmont we even get a view of the harbour. Check out Parklife and Pyrmont living in Sydney or Chill Out Parks in Pyrmont to get an idea of the green spaces in the neighbourhood.
picnic at nielson park1 280x210 A New Pyrmont Park and Sydney Winter Events

Have we missed something out? Let us know which parks around Pyrmont are worth checking out.

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