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Nigel, Owner Becalm in Pyrmont

nigel bailey becalm pyrmont people 210x210 Nigel, Owner Becalm in Pyrmont1. Tell us a little about Becalm
I am a counsellor and psychotherapist, living and working in Pyrmont.

Let’s face it; modern life can be extremely challenging and these are particularly difficult times. Because human beings are strong and resourceful by nature, I believe that it can be difficult to acknowledge when we have a problem that we cannot tackle alone. While we readily care for our physical needs, we often neglect our psychological wellbeing until a critical point has been reached; when we can no longer cope, have lost our way, lost our sense of purpose and lost control. Often all that we need is a little guidance and support; someone that we can talk to; someone that will listen; someone that will help us to get back on track.

At Becalm I offer clients a safe and confidential environment in which to restore their wellbeing, raise their self-awareness and their self-esteem. As a qualified and experienced therapist, I provide brief and longer term programmes on a range of issues including anxiety, relationships, depression, bereavement, addictive behaviour, anger management and workplace conflict.

2. What inspired you to start the business?
Having spent many years in the creative industry I was fascinated by the way that we think; interact with one another; deal with the stresses of daily life. I had seen a lot of very capable people succeed, while many others inexplicably lost their way.

I suppose I wanted to explore some taboos too. Why do we find it almost impossible to admit, even to ourselves, when we have a problem? Why are we so reluctant to seek help when our psychological welfare is at stake? Why is it so difficult to ask for a little moral support until we become completely overwhelmed? Why do we prefer to suffer in silence?

Like most of us, I suppose that I wanted to help. I had certainly done the hard yards myself but needed some structure and the necessary professional skills. I undertook a two year postgraduate course and clinical internship before starting my own practice. It’s endlessly challenging but enormously rewarding.

3. What made you decide Pyrmont was the right location for your business?
Pyrmont has a real sense of community, a fascinating cross-section of Sydney life and an almost unique blend of history and modernity. I am really looking forward to being a part of it.

4. Do you have a part of Pyrmont you really dig?
I love the waterfront, the wharves and the open spaces; wonderful walks, amazing scenery and room to breathe.

5. What are you reading at the moment?
I’m reading Orlando Figes “Natasha’s Dance” and Jimmy Carter’s “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid”.

6. Who would be your dream real-life neighbour?
Frank Zappa. I could stand the noise.

7. What do you do to relax?
Get outside; enjoy life and make the most of it.

T: 0431 666 676

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