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Parklife and Pyrmont Living in Sydney

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Escaping the concrete jungle can be tricky business when you live in the inner city. When your feet are tired from hitting the pavement but you can’t get the time to go bush, finding a peaceful park can be just the thing you need to catch your breath, wind down and feel the grass between your toes. What many do not realize is the great parks in Pyrmont. With the added advantage that many have spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour!

Here a just a few but we will be detailing more. Do you have favorite patch of green in Pyrmont? Let us know at, and we might just add it to the list!

Pyrmont Point Park

Located in at the end of Pirrama Road and next to Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont Park is situated right on the harbour and offers expansive water views. Looking over to the Harbour Bridge and North Sydney, it is the perfect spot for watching the fireworks exploding across Sydney on New Year’s Eve. It is a hidden treasure of a spot which is increasingly being discovered by NYE revelers.

The park has lovely, clean looking BBQ facilities. Along with the 5 free BBQs, the park features shade structures, grassed areas, public seating, a boardwalk, children’s playground and toilet facilities. This makes it a park perfect for a group of friends looking to have some beers, a BBQ and maybe catch some fish – plus it has parking for those who can’t walk.

A little boy named Brad (who can be found at the park most days during school holidays) says that people often fish over the edge of the promenade; yellow tail and flathead are common catches. While there is a sign prohibiting swimming off the boardwalk, “Don’t worry” Brad says, “there hasn’t been a shark attack in 41 years.”

In the morning and evening, the boardwalk comes alive with walkers and joggers as well as groups participating in boot camp and yoga.

The park is currently being extended to cover the previous Water Police site so there will be an even lusher and larger park in the near future.

James Watkinson Reserve

Just off Ways Terrace, this is a shady little gem.With a nifty playground and suspended walkway, kids are offered the chance to run, swing, jump and spin. As well as the playground, this park features BBQs, grassed areas, public seating and a water bubbler. There is also a pair of tall, solid, shade-trees; this ivy-lined park is worth the hunt. The landscaping is green, dark and leafy. Kids would love this park on a lazy afternoon, giving mum and dad the chance to lie down under a tree and catch up on some reading. It would also be a nice place to take a new friend for a midnight kiss.

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Wentworth Park

Wentworth Park is a large expanse of tough green grass surrounded by huge, shady trees – some of them even looked climbable! There is a greyhound racing track slap-bang in the middle of the park, which separates it neatly into two sections. The north section is just trees and grass, which makes it perfect for sports – you will often see a number of teams having practice sessions. Across the road from the Fish Markets, it is also the perfect place to eat your fish and chips!

The southern part has stretching benches with instructions on how to use them, and a very cool, futuristic looking children’s playground (which seems to be enjoyed more by adults than kids). This is the sort of park you can actually relax in for an afternoon. Lying under one of the thick trees with your headphones in and your nose in a book, you can almost forget you live in Sydney. This is also a good option by those wishing to run around on the grass, with or without a ball.

The park has recently been upgraded with new playground equipment, the fitness areas has been upgraded, new furniture, pet bubblers, are now they are returfing.

Wentworth is great for an impromptu match of shirtless soccer – or to watch other people enjoy one. But unless you find the sound of dog race commentary soothing, it should be avoided after 7pm on a Monday and Saturday night.

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