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‘Poverty & Dignity’ – Exhibition by Juan Mon

“Allowing poverty is the worst possible crime” Mahatma Gandhi.

n564953412 2222285 2423535 285x190 Poverty & Dignity   Exhibition by Juan Mon

In the midst of the global financial crisis it is becoming easier to forget. Easier to forget the world in which we live, easier to forget the many millions that live in poverty, both home and abroad, to whom the current financial situation means little. Theirs is a world of poverty but one often occupied with a dignity far greater than that seen in a world that equates worth with wealth.

In 2007, photographer Juan Mon, spent a year travelling through South America. Through the Andes, from Argentina to Panama, he travelled and photographed the people and their dignity; the land and its beauty.

On Thursday 25th June at 6:00pm, Oh Really Gallery (55 Enmore Rd, Newtown, only just down the road from Pyrmont) will host a selection of photographs from the many thousands he took that, until now, have remained largely unseen. The exhibition is titled ‘Poverty & Dignity’.

Poverty & Dignity is a show about a world obsessed with gold,’ says Juan. ‘A world where 1 billion people are starving to death even though we have too much food; where 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. This is our legacy as a civilisation: lopsided, indifferent, psychotic, corrupt.’

‘In a natural world, so beautiful that it surpasses expectation and imagination, we introduced economics. We are turning our divine mother Earth and her people into a half eaten sandwich at the mercy of empires and egos.’

Juan’s recent projects include a 2008 Cuprocking world tour sponsored by Mooks and Vice Magazine, an advertising campaign for Mooks and contributions to the Arnette Notorious booklet. He has worked as curator for Mays Lane Street Art Project and most recently co-founded Greenhouse studios.

n564953412 2548813 7121349 140x210 Poverty & Dignity   Exhibition by Juan Mon

Of his upcoming exhibition, Juan says, ‘the portraits and landscapes in Poverty & Dignity take us on an intergalactic journey of our own planet, 8000 kilometres up the spine of the Andes Mountains and into our collective heart.’

The exhibition will run from the 25th of June until the 2nd of July at Oh Really Gallery, 55 Enmore Rd, Newtown. All works will be for sale as framed, limited edition prints.

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