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Pubs in Pyrmont Village

124 Pubs in Pyrmont Village

I must confess I haven’t really been out drinking in Pyrmont before. I guess it is a little out of the way for me, too many bars and restaurants in between here and there to walk that extra few kilometers. After meeting up with a girlfriend in the area and a few different pubs later, I have to say that I have become a total a total convert. The area around Harris St is filled with so much historical architecture that recent renovations cannot possibly cover. The overall scene in Pyrmont is casual yet stylish, a wide variety of people that the drinking holes tend to cater for.

The first pub of the gorgeous Friday afternoon was The Point Hotel, a relaxed local pub feel downstairs with a plush Victorian boudouir upstairs as well as a sundrenched decking area converting into a private function room with snooker table and jukebox. I saw laptop lovers next to tradies betting at the TAB, while high flyers in their high heels ordered more Chandon. The Point was a great place to kick back and relax an area to suit all moods, tastes and styles.

125 Pubs in Pyrmont Village 126 Pubs in Pyrmont Village

After coming from the quiet, sun drenched decking of The Point Hotel, I found myself now alone and a little shocked to find a rowdy 5 o’clock crowd at the Harlequin. I know this is what happens on Fridays but its always a little hard facing it once your friend has just left you for her man. Anyway, a serious reporter can do this. From the moment you walk into this pub it’s obvious that they like their sports. 100 framed multi-coloured Rugby jerseys are mounted on the wall, snooker balls clatter to the sound of beer guzzling chatter. I’m not a big rugby fan, but by the looks of the Harlequin, it seems that a lot of people are. It was packed. The small courtyard / smokers room out the back was crammed full of people spilling into the bar. But a great Japanese beer later and a seat over looking the square had me feeling a little more breezy and a little less alone.

A short stroll down the round, past a few cute little cafes and restaurants, I found my own private little balcony at The Kirk on Harris where I could drink, write and watch the traffic go by or just wander inside and become apart of the crowd of anybodies enjoying the happy hour. The staff were friendly and the drinks were cheap, well by this stage I was a little tipsy and you tend to lose sense of your money. Again the décor was reminiscent of that classic Pyrmont character, complimenting the past and present, old and new. The were old photographs of Pyrmont on the wall, cozy corners for couples and a bistro serving a good old baked dinner.

127 Pubs in Pyrmont Village 128 Pubs in Pyrmont Village

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