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Pyrmont: a View from the Outside

pyrmont village 2 Pyrmont: a View from the Outsidepyrmont 2 Pyrmont: a View from the Outside

To be honest, for the longest time I didn’t really have a clue of where Pyrmont actually was. Vague cues lingered in the back of my mind, such as the fish markets and Star City, but Pyrmont was never really on my radar. I just didn’t believe it had that vibe I always look for in a suburb, that alternative, laid-back edge.

I was pleasantly surprised when I actually began spending some time here. A few friends had made the comment that there was a real village-style atmosphere to the place, which I initially had some trouble believing. How village-like could a place that has the Western Distributor running right through it and a gigantic casino as one of its largest calling cards be?

But honestly, they were right.

Pyrmont is genuinely very pleasant. In spite of the fact that it is so close to Darling Harbour and the city, these factors aren’t particularly bothersome most of the time. If anything, they add to the refreshing, thriving vibe of the place. And escaping the busy tourist strip is simple enough, there are cute little cafes and restaurants dotted all over the place, shaded by big leafy trees and packed full of locals, white-collar workers, young mums and a variety of other characters from all walks of life. My first Pyrmont coffee experience spoke volumes about the place, and laid to rest any misconceptions I may have had about the suburb being overtly pretentious. The staff were friendly, the service was quick, the prices reasonable, and the vibe amongst its patrons was good-natured and free of fuss.

I was also surprised at how many essential services there are in all sorts of convenient locations. Doctors, twenty-four hour convenience stores, hairdressers, childcare facilities, it’s all here. There’s even a Coles supermarket, something I find particularly brilliant! Why is it that town planners seem to think it’s only residents of the extreme outer suburbs who like to have easy access to a decent supermarket?

I’ve come to take pretty decent public transport for granted, and in my opinion that’s Pyrmont’s only downfall. Buses are few and far between, and there’s no train station. On the flip side, stroll over the Pyrmont Bridge and there you are, smack bang in the middle of the city, where there are buses and trains aplenty. And if you’re super keen, there’s the light rail, which I’m still finding to be a bit of a novelty. So really, there is little to complain about in the transport stakes.

Overall, I’ve found Pyrmont a pretty nice place to spend some time, and I have a lot more exploring to do. Sure, there is the casino factor. And the fish market factor, which some people seem to think could potentially be a little off-putting. But to me, these things make Pyrmont unique. I think it’s great that in spite of being on the edge of a gigantic tourist precinct, in spite of the monstrosity that is Star City, the residents of Pyrmont have worked together to create a suburb with a truly enviable vibe and a sense of community that is difficult to ignore.

What's next?

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