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Pyrmont Art Lovers: Check Out Christine Maudy at Promenarts Gallery in Balmain

promenarts balmain sydney Pyrmont Art Lovers: Check Out Christine Maudy at Promenarts Gallery in Balmain

Nestled in the heart of Beattie Street in Balmain, and just across the Anzac Bridge from Pyrmont, is the warm and inviting two level terrace of the PromenArts Gallery. Juxtaposed with exquisite French Antiques and glassware is the work of some of the most vital contemporary International artists. It is perfect place for Pyrmont Art Lovers to visit.

Now in existence for over 18 months, the gallery imports the work of French artists and promotes the work of Australian artist in a sister gallery in France. Although focused on the work of French artists, Promenarts does feature some Australian work, like the whimsical and vibrant sculptures of Tasmanian artist Sue Stack. Stack’s work is a collection of curvaceous and colourful feisty femmes. Many of the large eyed plump lipped table top figures are wildly attired with props varying from violins to opera masks.

All of the artists presented draw from a dazzling colour palette. This month’s exhibition is the 20th solo exhibition of French-Australian artist Christine Maudy. Maudy has travelled expansively around the world and her work draws upon her travel and study of human experience. In the collection Imprints, Maudy’s vibrant canvases are a combination of collage and paint. At once vivid and serene the paintings blossom with many textural and symbolic layers. Maudy says of her work “painting depicts my inner experience and involvement with the mysteries of nature and form, expressed in colour, texture, lines, space and light. It reflects the passing of time, of impermanence and change and allows me to explore my own language in a space where I feel free.” Maudy often starts her work with collage in some cases incorporating gold leaf she then layers on paint and various mediums. My favourite amongst the featured works was Parfum de femme a golden canvas embedded with vintage images of beautiful French women from a bygone era.

Other artists featured in the gallery include Lyndal Campbell a Sydney based French artist whose jewel toned oil paintings of cityscapes are the result of ‘intuitive layering.’ Filled with imagination, these dream-like portals in some instances appear like patchwork or mosaic in others they more resemble the wistful quality of water colour.

The panels of Sydney painter Alan Cassar are designed for outdoor entertaining areas. His colourful studies of plants, fruits, and outdoor scenes are displayed on the Galleries veranda. The bold and free paintings have a subtle wit and are influenced by Cassar’s theatre, event and interior design work. The paintings are done on Marine Ply and finished with a coating to protect them from the elements.

PromenArts Gallery has an exhibition monthly. For more information go to

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