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Pyrmont Art: ‘Red’ Show at Danks Street Depot II Gallery

Rena Sheen1 Pyrmont Art: Red Show at Danks Street Depot II GalleryMiriam Cabello1 Pyrmont Art: Red Show at Danks Street Depot II Gallery

Cabello, Shein, Tosca and Villa are a diverse group of artists sharing a common bond through a focus on materiality as pertinent to their artistic practices. They have chosen ‘red’ as their theme for this show. It is the beacon that highlights their individual concerns but also connects them to each other.

Cabello’s series of boxers, painted in oils on linen, show luminous torsos in a woven gridded space created by drips of paint. She uses an edited palette of primary colours to engage the viewer and let them step into the subjects sanctuary. It is in this private place where the poignancy of each mans gaze is shared. “My subjects arterial masculinity is cocooned in woven veins of ethereal white, allowing the vibrant, layered colours to echo their thoughts.

Shein has painted, sewn, beaded, wound and stuffed her materials. Twine, thread, leather, fur and paper are used to create organic objects that pulse with life. Red is woven through the works  creating linkage through a visual thread, while also offering the reading of something both visceral and symbolic.

Tosca has used red neon light to define a human skull. The medium usually associated with desirability and  advertising is subverted to depict a symbol of mortality. The red light allows for diverse cultural interpretation.

Villa’s series of works have been inspired by her life long collections of red and precious pre-loved objects. She has constructed boxed assemblages with ceramic dolls, stones, tape and feathers. Her ephemeral paintings and works on paper are abstract collections of delicate stains and marks.

Floria Tosca Pyrmont Art: Red Show at Danks Street Depot II GalleryThe ‘Red’ show is on at the Danks St Depot II Gallery, 2 Danks St, Waterloo from 5 – 16 May 2010.

Gallery Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00am – 6:00pm
Sundays from 10:30am – 3:30pm

For further information, contact Garrett Fountain from the MLC Gallery on 02 9692 9222.

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